Top 5 Rules to Prevent a Mobile Truck Repair 1

Top 5 Rules to Prevent a Mobile Truck Repair

Grease is Cheaper than Steel

The basic rule of truck maintenance is always by adhering to the rules that your manufacturers have recommended. Therefore, always adhere to the maintenance guide that your truck manufacturer has given you. A grease job is essential for every truck, and the grease job schedule actually differs from truck to truck. For instance, if you have a heavy commercial truck, then a grease job every 1900 to 2500 miles would be okay. Greasing a heavy commercial truck after every 2000 miles or so would be considered on a safer side. You can obviously try higher, like maybe 3000 to 4000 miles, without doing a grease job, but you would risk a higher maintenance cost. Routinely greasing your truck will alone reduce many problems and decrease the frequency of the truck being subjected to mobile repair.

Top 5 Rules to Prevent a Mobile Truck Repair 2

Servicing your truck for problems in oil filters and gas filters, along with changing oil and grease, after every 10000 miles or so, is considered to be on the safe side. Again, some truck owners go well beyond 15000 miles. But, it would be best if you always kept in mind that grease is cheaper than steel, and therefore, a routine grease job will help you prevent unnecessary visits to the repair center.

Preventive Truck Maintenance

If your truck travels far, you should have a well-acquainted driver with your truck service routine. The driver should also know several good truck repair shops along the entire route if any emergency pops out at any point in time. Having an experienced driver who knows your truck like his own can actually give you a good return on investment. If your truck is traveling to different cities, the driver should know good maintenance shops in the city, including mobile repairs.

Inspect your Truck

The government truck inspection should be done as soon as possible. It should be done before the truck is on its way. It should be done on time and should be done honestly by a licensed truck inspection service. But, the truck should be inspected by the driver routinely for any discrepancy. Ensure that the driver is responsible enough to report to you every day about the problems regarding your truck.

Tire Care

The tire is the most important part, especially for trucks. Since trucks are meant to travel more distance than any other vehicle; it needs a strong tire. Therefore, nitrogen tires are more preferred than oxygen ones. Nitrogen tires are preferred for trucks since they have a much lesser tendency to leak than oxygen ones.

Carry Extra Fuses, Bulbs

Always carry extra fuses, bulbs, and tools when you would be traveling the distance. Once your headlight or any other indicator is fused, you have no option other than to be stranded at the side of the road. Therefore, always keep some 15$ spare bulbs and fuses, which you can install at any point if the headlights or any other lights get damaged. Lotus Inc is one of Toronto’s best truck repair companies and has been a frontrunner in the business for decades now. Call them or visit their website to get a quote.

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