What the Establishment & Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget by using Blaming the Russians for Trump's Win 1

What the Establishment & Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget by using Blaming the Russians for Trump’s Win

Going into our final election, most US citizens were and nonetheless are, fed up with Establishment Government. The best anti-established order applicants were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The Democratic Establishment didn’t see the writing on the wall and labored tough to put off Bernie: his schedule changed into no longer theirs. The Republican Establishment wasn’t so lucky: they were stuck with Trump. Trump isn’t fabricated from Russian hacking, and he’s a symptom of our government’s failure to present its residents their due. The greedy and conniving have taken control; the humans understand it and want a exchange.

As for the Russians, let me remind you that in 1996 our authorities, the US Government, meddled in the Russian election of Boris Yeltsin. In truth, America has meddled in elections all around the global, and deposed those leaders our government didn’t like. Take as an instance the case of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president. In 2004, the Bush management, using the ruse that he, Aristide, and his family had been in grave hazard, flew him to South Africa, wherein he remained in exile for seven years. To comfy the flight out of Haiti, Aristide becomes made to signal a letter of resignation. Many Mid-Eastern and North African countries and plenty of Central and South American international locations bear the scares of US interference.

Getting back to Russia, if our difficulty is that the Russian government attempted to influence our election by revealing records they gained from hacking our computer systems, forget it; it’s a non-starter for the motives given above. What is worth investigating is whether Trump or any of his group colluded with the Russians to steer our election. This would be a criminal offense of the Trump conspirators.


I should say right here that when I talk approximately our authorities’ misdeeds, I do not encompass most people of our everyday citizens. They are desirable folks who are commonly ready to help those who need help. Their hassle is twofold: One, they’re tremendously propagandized through the media; and two, living in the US today has grown a great deal greater complicated than it changed into 50 years in the past. Our residents are financially stressed, and they may be constantly being deceived with the aid of the politicians and media who seldom mention the fee of looking to fulfill the neocon’s aim:

[For us to] “be given duty for America’s unique position in retaining and increasing a global order friendly to our safety, our prosperity, and our principles.” (As stated in PNAC’s Statement of Principles June three, 1997.) This is the shared imagination and prescient of the Democratic and Republican Establishment. We are in a forever battle because people of assorted cultures around the world are involved with their protection, prosperity, and cultural concepts. This undertaking is why America has no money for a respectable-unmarried-payer health care plan for its residents.

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Here lies the trouble with the Establishment, Democratic and Republican. The Establishment is interested in Empire. It has taken trillions of dollars, and it’s going to take trillions more out of our treasury to finance their quest. This is why the richest-USA-in-the-international residents are underserved while compared to many poorer, industrial countries. Our bribes of army weapons and safety and favorable alternate agreements improve those international locations at the rate of our residents. Please make no mistake, approximately it, this effort closer to the purpose of Empire isn’t always something done to benefit the average citizen: we are simplest required to pay for it while receiving less and much less provider for our tax greenbacks.

Let’s, in short, take a look at this quest for Empire: how is the Establishment doing? Except for the primary Gulf War, the US hasn’t been on the winning side of a struggle because of WW2. Does the truth that the USA cannot fight a guerrilla war deter us? No. The guns and munitions agencies are doing just first-rate, and these expenditures additionally improve America’s bottom line: economic growth.

During elections, you seldom hear the applicants or media mention the issue of War and Peace. This is due to the fact both parties agree-Obama persisted and intensified Bush’s wars within the Mideast. North Africa-however is unwilling to place that difficulty earlier than the public. Instead, the candidates and media deal with countrywide troubles: that is in which each party disagrees, but maximum in their disagreements are on issues that don’t affect company pastimes. This includes issues that include abortion, immigration, LGBT rights, guns, and drugs. Of direction, there usually must be one big problem right now; it is health care-to take in the attention of the citizens and convince them that there surely is a difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties. To see evidence that there’s little distinction, notice how, no matter which birthday celebration commands our authorities, our authorities actions further to the proper every year.

What can we, the citizens of this u? S. Do, make our united states of America notable again? By brilliant, I regard the time between our entry into WW2 on via victory, the Marshal Plan, the Berlin airlift, and on through the time earlier than companies determined that greed turned into appropriate (1941-1970). Our downward slide commenced with the battle in Vietnam (1965-1973) and multiplied whilst the neocons went public with the Protocols for a New American Century (PNAC) in 1997. So what desires to be achieved about all this, and how can we do it?

· Break the returned of the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex. It is finished using confronting the poor propaganda with reality. For instance: North Korea and Iran want nuclear weapons for safety in opposition to the United States aggression and no longer assault us or different countries. The North Koreans feel threatened every time we fly around their borders whilst conserving struggle games with South Korea. The Iranians had, in 1953, already felt US aggression whilst the CIA deposed their democratically elected Prime Minister and positioned the Shah of Iran in energy. The Shah turned into a repressive dictator who dominated till 1979.

We love to invoke the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. While the North Koreans and Iranians may violate it, so is the United States. Obama earmarked a thousand billion greenbacks to upgrade our complete nuclear arsenal. The excuse is Russian aggression. The Russians aren’t the aggressors; NATO is. If we need Russia to return Crimea, the simplest Russian naval base at the Black Sea is there to Ukraine, why would America not show the way by returning our Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to Cuba.

Our media ought to wake up and satisfy their constitutional responsibility to correctly informing the general public of these things. NATO is gearing up for a brand new bloodless war with Russia, and simplest the media can stop it by telling the fact about all the anti-Russian propaganda. Instead, the media is spreading the lies. The residents ought to demand better.

· The fee to the citizen of certain basic desires should be as little as possible. One such object is health care. It is a established reality that unmarried payer fitness care is less expensive and just as desirable as that based on the insertion of superfluous insurance businesses into the technique. The proof is Medicare, that’s single-payer, and the VA’s prescription drug software, which is also single-payer. As quickly because the dialogue of fitness care started, Obama stated, without combat, that the general public-choice (unmarried payer) became off the desk. Of path, the capitalistic Establishment, to which Obama belongs, believes that every employer has to yield earnings.

Here again, the media isn’t doing its task. They ought to no longer buy into the falsehood that, in this situation, the opposition will carry expenses down. Just examine the numbers; single-payer beats opposition in providing lower fee fitness care. Insurance businesses are designed to make ever-increasing earnings.

For almost a decade, the Federal Reserve System, created by Congress, has kept hobby rates down on financial savings debts. Why, to help banks by forcing savers into more unstable equities: stocks, bonds, and real estate. It is the nature of capitalists to are searching for the ever-increasing boom, but as usually occurs, the growth turns unsustainable and collapses. In the 2008 crash, investors misplaced a median of 40% of their holdings. I don’t assume retired people ought to be compelled to take that hazard.

I suppose capitalism is a great system, however most effective whilst it’s far noticeably regulated. Because Bill Clinton, a Democrat, signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, banks have become too massive to fail. Banks are nevertheless too big to fail because the new policies-Dodd-Frank-does now not separate investment banking from commercial banking. While we need more potent policies, Trump speaks of repealing Dodd-Frank.


This is only a small pattern of how the Establishment government and the media are failing the citizens.

I understand that many nicely-meaning citizens are too busy or too confused to take on a number of the demanding situations we’re confronted with, but there is one thing you can do right now. You can move back to the pinnacle of this page and percentage this text with our pals on Facebook, Twitter, or another vicinity you watched is appropriate. Since the media relies on advertising sales and data from the government, they’re confined in what they could say. We, the citizens, must then tell ourselves of the actual nature of our u. S. A. So we can fight the injustices completed in our name.

We, the citizens, vote in rigged elections, primarily based on phony debates: phony because the commission that runs its miles a nonprofit organization established under the joint sponsorship of each the Democratic and Republican political parties. This commission does not trust in consisting of any third-party candidate. Many of you citizens are going through hard instances inside the US. However, I ask you to keep in mind all the innocent human beings around the arena who do not vote in our elections. Our drones, bombing runs, and small fingers gunfire is slaughtering those people by using the thousands. Is it any surprise they discover approaches to strike us lower back here wherein we live?

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