Five ways to rewire your mindset and boost your creativity

If you are reading this, you may probably assume that being creative is a gift that is only accessible to a few people while the rest of the population does not have it. However, the truth is that creativity is not a gift you are born with – it is a trait that you can improve through engaging in several habits. When you are willing to persist and practice the skill, it gets better with time; also, you can rewire your thinking process entirely and encourage your brain to develop original ideas.

The best method to improve this skill is practicing it, as with other skills. You can select creative activities you enjoy, focus on, and improve them as much as possible. The more you do it, the more the mind will generate ideas. Research shows the importance of creative thinking in problem-solving, as it reduces stress levels.

If you are among the many seeking to improve your creative abilities, read on for these habits you can easily implement.

Observing life mindfully

If you are like many people, you might be amazed at how easily someone comes up with solutions and thinks the process is highly complex—when it is not. The ability to innovate comes from observing life and allowing yourself to perceive it uniquely. That will always begin with mindful observations and appreciation for the details in your environment.

By improving your observation skills, you will use your creative energy more effectively and see details you have not seen before. This will open your mind to fresh possibilities and increase your chances of coming up with innovative solutions. Becoming observant always involves looking at the world around you closely and seeing how it operates.

While it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information you are getting from a visual standpoint, you can make the process easier by noting and making smaller enhancements. It comes from the mentality that the world around you is full of interesting connections and patterns, and finding solutions comes from connecting these patterns in fresh ways. Observe how things around you ‘click’ together and how they affect each other – this will kick start the entire process.

Adjust your environment

The more boring your surroundings are, the less inspiration you get for new ideas. Changing this factor is not as difficult as you may think, though – it may involve a step as simple as changing the environment you operate in. At times, even a noisier atmosphere can do wonders to spark your creative flows, so consider going to a restaurant or park where you can sit down with your laptop and work for some time.

An additional step you can take is changing your workspace and making it to encourage creativity. This will depend on your preferences, but ensure you have a safe space to create and work – regardless of whether it is at home or the workplace. Even changing the color of the walls or choosing to have clutter or a tidy desk can work – as long as it encourages you to be creative.

Taking creative strolls

You know very well that a sedentary lifestyle harms your health in general, and exercise promotes creative thinking. You do not need an expensive gym membership to do so, though – even an activity as simple as walking will improve your creativity by boosting your brain functions. Onee study also showed that walking encourages ‘divergent’ thinking.

You can also use exercise as a chance to practice mindful observation skills. For instance, going to a park bench and sitting there for some time can allow you to observe a crowded area and what people are doing. You can take mental notes of incidences or behaviors that catch your attention and then use that to create ‘collages’ of what you observe. You can also do ‘sound walks,’ where you note the sounds around you as you walk.

Recharging curiosity

Have you ever wondered why young children seem to thrive when doing creative activities, and you lose that ability as you grow up? The answer is simpler than you realize: it all hinges on curiosity.

The ability to wonder and search for answers to something will always fuel your creativity because it encourages you to explore different perspectives. To become creative, do not be afraid to ask difficult questions and search for interesting answers.

Where do you start from, though? Begin by finding out about the things that interest you. Delve deeply into the research, and allow yourself to think differently. The more you know about something, the more your mind will be open to different possibilities and the more you want to discover.

Consider doing some blue-sky thinking processes.

This means freeing your mind, which encourages you to brainstorm without limits. It is like playing a game of chess or a card game at the best online casinos in New Zealand; you allow your mind to see all the possibilities in front of you, all the things that would happen when you make a certain choice, and refusing to limit yourself to different perspectives.

It is important to have a specified goal you are working towards and allow your mind to roam free with ideas. In the long term, this will enable you to think outside of the limitations of reality and explore different ideas without dismissing them as useless. After the storming, proc can weed out any unnecessary ideas that do not focus on the goal or save them later.

Final thoughts

Creativity is not the preserve of a few; anyone can develop the ability as long as they are willing to explore different perspectives—that is what being creative is all about.

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