Summer is the Time for Home Improvement Projects 1

Summer is the Time for Home Improvement Projects

Ah, summer: the Darbi time for sleeping late, relaxing by the pool, taking vacations, and doing nothing. Just kidding! Your summer to-do list is growing longer, and you feel like your house is falling apart. Never fear – the warm weather makes summer the perfect time for accomplishing those big home improvement projects that you were starting to worry you’d never get to. With the right supplies and a good sense of when to turn to a construction company or contractor, you should have relatively little trouble turning your house into your dream home over a few summer weekends. Are you ready to get started?

Fixing your home up indoors…

Summer is for relaxing outside – and working inside. This is the time to take a few days off and tackle some of those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. How do your floors look? Maybe it’s time to replace the flooring – whether that means carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, or another flooring type. It’s not a bad time for maintenance: carpet cleaning, for instance, or floor refinishing. Projects like these can occupy whole rooms for days, and summer makes them easier by giving everyone a place to go: outside! Refinish your kitchen and eat on your patio, or tear up your carpets and send your kids to play outside for a change.

Speaking of kitchen projects now is a good time to update your countertops. You can turn to a granite seller for materials or work through a contractor to get the job done. Fixtures and appliances can also change.

And then there’s painting – summer is the best time for it because you can retreat outside and breathe the fresh air while you wait for everything to dry. No matter what type of home improvement project you’re working on, you’ll be glad that the summer weather allows you to escape outside during your breaks.

…and out!

The outside of your home needs maintenance and improvement, too! While you may spend more time on the inside, the outside of your home is the part that’s visible to passersby and visitors, so it’s important to keep your home’s curb appeal on point. Summer is a good time to call all the folks who make your home beautiful – the painters, the landscapers, and the pavers, to name a few.

Summer is also a great time for outdoor projects of your own. Do a little gardening – your local garden center will have plenty of seedlings for sale, and their knowledgeable staff should be able to help you pick out the right plants for each spot in your yard (it’s a good idea to spend a weekend day watching the sun move across your yard so that you know about how many hours of sunlight and shadow each of your planting beds gets – and whether those hours are in the morning or evening).

And once you’re done gardening, where do your gardening tools go? If they’re cluttering your garage, it might be time to put a shed in your backyard. Plenty of home improvement stores sell pre-made sheds, and you could also opt to build one yourself – see a lumber supplier for the wood and find reliable plans online or through a retailer. Sheds are a must if you have a pool or many outdoor tools, and larger sheds can be used to store vehicles and other large objects, protecting them from rain and winter snow. It’ll be too late if you wait until that snow comes to build the shed! It’s one more reason summer is the perfect time of year for home improvement projects.

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