A Peep Into the Future Tech Innovations at CES 2017 1

A Peep Into the Future Tech Innovations at CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held every 12 months in January in Las Vegas, is a top-of-the-line digital conference held annually for showcasing excellent technological improvements within the custom electronics industry. This year, the four-day occasion held from January 5 thru January eight, 2017, marked its fiftieth anniversary with 3,886 exhibitors displaying off myriad modern tech trends and avant-garde gadgets that will pressure the destiny of the era globally.

It is going without announcing that Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence voice assistant ‘Alexa’ has been the big name of the show as several Alexa-enabled next-era gadgets inclusive of voice-controlled smart-home gadgets, motors, and robots have been displayed on occasion. Alexa, which has outperformed Google Assistant and Siri, may be programmed to carry out a couple of functions inclusive of beginning your vehicle, locking doors, adjusting thermostats, controlling lighting fixtures, and finding places.


Now permit’s throw light at the futuristic innovations witnessed at CES 2017, a good way to have a main effect within the coming years.

1. Tech innovations in Smartphones: Qualcomm unveiled its latest processor named Snapdragon 835 for revolutionizing cell generation. Snapdragon 835 goals to convey High Dynamic Range to smartphones besides facilitating better digital experience utilizing improving sight and sound for cellular Virtual Reality. The new processor can even enable smartphones to supply high-resolution pictures even in bad lighting conditions. It will also facilitate faster connection to pave the manner closer to the 5G community. Moreover, the chip also ensures longer battery lifestyles because it consumes 50% less strength than Snapdragon 801. Additionally, biometric sensors embedded inside the 835 guarantee better protection to smartphone customers.

The world’s first phone with molecular-sensors “H2” was also unveiled at CES. This 6-inch Android telephone can test any object to provide you with instantaneous remarks on its chemical composition, be it food items or drugs.

2. A Glimpse Into the 5G future: Qualcomm validated the diverse approaches its era goes to empower the 5G future. At CES, the CEO of Qualcomm, Stephen Mollenkopf, asserted that 5g could be a ground-breaking community to assist a big range of gadgets with excellent velocity and scale. Moreover, it’ll have a sizable effect on the world economy.

At the convention, American generation organization Intel launched its 5G Modem that may deliver 5G in both mmWave spectrum and 6GHz bands. Besides this, Intel also unveiled its new automobile 5G platform named Intel Go to aid computerized riding.

3. Cloud-Based Innovations: CES 2017 also witnessed numerous cloud-based totally announcements. Nvidia grabbed the attention of PC game enthusiasts by launching its cloud software ‘GeForce Now’ for PC and Mac to allow game enthusiasts to convert their PC into a complicated gaming rig to stream and play today’s games of their desire.

Besides this, the world’s first cloud-based totally keyboard, ‘the 5Q,’ also debuted at the event. The unique characteristic of this keyboard is that it will likely be linked to the cloud and show shade-coded email notifications, sports updates, and stock fees at the keys of the keyboard.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stole the Show: AI absolutely took center stage during CES 2017. AI has been featured as a crucial part of nearly the whole thing- from clever jeans that show directions and smart puppy collars to sense your puppy’s emotions, to smart gloves for stroke victims and clever motors. These automated brains empower human beings to duplicate digital worlds besides endowing computers with the intelligence to recognize the actual world.

The first step is to locate the exceptional MacBook provide from the net. It is not simply the MacBook that comes free of price, but many greater gadgets can be had online, free of fee. At present, there are two promotions for the MacBook. The first advertising is for simple but adorable silver seasoned. The second provision is for the superior, black MacBook air.


· AI-powered Cars: Automobile groups focus on AI-powered automobiles because the day is not some distance when customers will seek self-using cars. Smart car producers will soon give you AI-powered vehicles that may generate their own emotions due to the fact quickly; customers will opt for motors with which they can establish a high-quality emotional relationship. CES 2017 noticed the release of many AI-powered emotional motors and Honda’s NeuV that features HANA (Honda’s Automated Network Assistant) to customize the motive forces enjoy. HANA’s face popularity era and coronary heart fee display assist the electric car to understand your happy and melancholic moods. It can also endorse track based on your mood except remembering your favorite places, including cafes, parks, etc.

Toyota too launched its futuristic vehicle, the “Concept-i,” powered via AI generation that may realize the need of the driver in addition to passengers. Likewise, Nvidia added its self-using car gadget named Drive PX, designed to realize the driving force’s temper, the car’s surroundings and discern out what goes on within the automobile’s interior.


· AI-powered Health-tech Devices: To incorporate superior era and new-age thinking to the exercise recurring of health freaks, health generation groups unveiled more than a few sophisticated health wearable devices at the CES. For example, Bolt, a Mumbai-primarily based health tech corporation, unveiled AI-packed fitness trackers, clever shoes embedded with stride sensors, and a virtual health assistant named “B” that provides users with actual-time comments and voice education on health and fitness.

The show additionally displayed digestive trackers to assist customers in deciding the kind of weight loss plan that is right for their frame and a clever hairbrush embedded with sensors that could locate how you brush your hair so that it may educate you to correctly brush your hair through sending data to your connected phone.

The world’s first smart toothbrush Kolibree Ara turned into additionally launched at the display. It functions deep system mastering algorithms to recognize and offer comments approximately your brushing behavior despite being related to your phone. What’s extra, CES 2017 also saw the launch of Sleep Number 360 bed, designed to save you loud night breathing.

Five. Humanoid Robots: CES 2017 additionally introduced the world to the mind-blowing abilties of human-like robots. On occasion, LG unveiled 3 robots- to mow your lawn, to take care of your everyday chores, and to welcome you at the airport. Besides this, pretty some instructional robots have been additionally displayed at the event for youngsters. Additionally, there were various humanoid robots designed for making your coffee, folding garments, pouring sweet, singing lullabies to your kids, and taking photos of your pet when you are away. World’s first robot suitcase, Cowarobot additionally stole the limelight as this four-wheel suitcase with a laser and a camera can observe its proprietor like a puppy.

So those are a number of the futuristic traits witnessed at the CES 2017. During these 12 months, the CES focused mainly on virtual interactivity. This is clear from the fact that most exhibitors on the show had been seeking to leverage the idea of interactivity for economic benefit.

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