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(From the Warlords of Syria-2016)

The report read: “Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, a malefic conqueror along with his friend Putin, of Russia is as though they’re in cohesion with a few madmen from the 4th Dimension, who are pals in global conquest, lest the leader referred to as Mordieu, whose plans for the sector conquest became to begin in Syria, and will make Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde seem like armatures.” Said Professor Evens, a Los Wanaka University professor in Huancayo, Peru, for ‘World New Reports’ (February 20, 2016.)

From World News Reports, March 20, 2016, via Professor Chick Evens (Bacterium Biologist), “Should you pass approximately in Syria you will see 350,000-less inhabitants, these shapes of humans: men, women, and youngsters and the elderly have been no longer long in the past alive now corpses of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Because he has refused the UN’s decision 2254 for peace talks, he’s without delay answerable for all those lives, to encompass 11. Five million out-of-place Arabs, no longer to be had to stay out of their houses, quick of water, electric power, and meals, even as he bathes in comfort with the pal in crime, Putin from Russia, who now has an army base in Syria.

Also, four. Five million Arabs have cut across Europe and live in Turkey, on its shorelines and inland, and al-Assad and Putin’s Russia are hitting air moves on hospitals. What is next? Is there no means to exist inside their souls? And some of the Greek islands are full of refugees. Some twelve international locations are worried, consisting of America, France, England, Turkey, Russia, the Saudis, the Syrian Rebels, Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Qatar, the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front, both terrorist organizations, all concerned with the struggle. All in battle gear, as the Russians bomb indiscriminately, and as soon as captured, tortured, without consideration, such as waterboarding, outlawed utilizing the global laws of humanity.


And now we have a faction from some world leader from the outer area concerned that he is called Malik Taurus out of a few planes of the 4th Demission. However, his reliable call is Mordieu; al-Assad has reached across the border and made touch with the fourth plane, a brand new reservoir of forces, a good way to permit him to overrun Syria and the sector with Russia if no longer stopped. You would think our President Obama would be in hysteria over this, but he is a human who’s helpless in existence’s grip; quietly, slowly, inevitably, he watches those needless murderers maintain and retain as he sleeps unburdened.

(Interlude: Syria as soon as an insurrection in 2012, now warfare, 2016, previous to 2012, in 2011, it became protests that erupted across Syria. The development is fantastic in that the bombing started in 2013, causing thousands of casualties. Then, in 2015, Russia’s intervention in the war took location. In this year of 2016, ‘the Year of the Monkey,’ the photo in Syria receives bleaker with their government’s new method: ‘starve or surrender… Leaving 350,000 human beings eliminated from humanitarian aid.)

The newspaper interviewer, Miss Hoffmann, said, “Professor Evens, how will we stop it?”

“Miss,” stated the Professor, “if I told you one man started the First World War, responsible for 8 million deaths, and one guy should have stopped it, and Genghis Khans’ march at some stage in Europe could have been stopped with the aid of one guy, who was chargeable for the dying of twenty-5-million lives, and that al-Assad, president of Syria, is, however, one guy in the equal category, is, however, one guy indifferent to the loss of life, and human sorrow should, if he wanted to, prevent the Syrian war, that has killed 300,000 population, with his reckless sweep of bombardments and bombings and his navy forces, amongst so many providing their inconsistencies to which I am sure al-Assad loves to garnish his tooth on the Americans seeking to help, and the French and Turks, and the Syrian Rebels who are the reliable resistance concerning his regime, in case you had the energy and method to stop it, would you?”

Replied Miss Hoffmann, “What can one lady do, naught!”

Miss Hoffmann,” said the Professor, “how incorrect you are. We are headed into World War III; what can you do now? Go to the unthinkable! It struck a few lights for Miss Hoffmann. Several hundred minds stuffed her cerebellum with villainous thoughts. She lit a cigarette and puffed heavily on it. She concept felt like she was being interviewed instead of doing the interview. Then, after a long pause, the Professor introduced, “Let us say it couldn’t be completed until that one individual, say, lady, say you, had acted in time?

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Certainly,” she concluded meekly, “like the CIA used to do to runaway regimes in the days of the Iron Curtain, in the name of National Security, so I think in the name of World Peace, assassinate whoever needs to be assassinated to stop this mindless killing, desires to be killed. It is higher than one or two dies than one or milla ion. Is that what you want to hear, Professor?

Perhaps! Is your creativity equal to what I am about to explain?

She gave no solution.

We see Putin and al-Assad, the two principal elements that could forestall this war, and some other source: a monster conqueror in the background, which is stirring the pot, Malik Taurus. And if he isn’t always stopped, he will make a monkey out of absolutely every earthling; he’s been looking at Earth for an extended while as a destroyer at his fancy: Mordieu. Commented Miss Hoffmann, “You’re the sanest and most practical Professor here at the university, so I’ve heard, but what you are inferring sounds considerably insane.

(Miss Hoffmann had been delighted when she obtained the smartphone name from the rector that the Professor wanted to be interviewed via her, and now what he sincerely wanted turned into for her to be an accent to assignations of Pope Pius XII’s mystery help for the attempted overthrow of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler; or perhaps, the mechanic to the assignations!)

She becomes emphatically ready for his rationalization with haste, as the issue has been handled for her.

She may want to tell you that the professor has become in earnest. The Professor smiled at Miss Hoffmann and her bewilderment. Said, “You are the precise warrior,” including, “Except you do it, this madman that has gone on for half of a decade killing at will, his very own countrymen, like Stalin, it quickly might be a genocide, now not so not like the Jews holocaust, in WWII; no person left in Syria, and there could be no subsequent generation. The Middle East is a vortex, a reservoir of power and energy-hungry guys, more so these days than within the vintage days of the Iron Curtain or the one days previous to; however, nowadays, it’s miles the future starting spot for Armageddon as all of us have now witnessed the devastating slaughter, conflict crimes. You are the simplest axis to peace, to put the Earth again on its axis.

When to have this take location?” asked Miss Gloria Hoffmann. Knowing top and properly, the president of Syria became unwilling to modify and turned into really a criminal at big. Immediately,” stated the Professor, “God forbid we allow any other day bypass and permit the likes of every other Hitler to kill 80-million more population of the Earth. The Professor’s plan was carried out with the help of the Cand information from Nith Israel’s backup military flights from Tel Aviv to Syria and Miss Hoffmann’s newspaper editor’s guide.

Consequently, she went to the interview with three items, knowing who would be there for sure; however, hoping al-Assad might not have certainly one of his group of workers to replace him and Putin change, and to the dignity of the Professor, so was Mordieu, whom he despised the most. Miss Hoffman was allowed in a personal room to assort her notes and left on my own because the 3threepolitical figures prepped for the worldwide dialogue stayed on television regarding the warfare.

(The Professor defined, to Miss Hoffman, before her departure, about Mordieu, the consultant of a global past ours, in a move-segment of the 4th Dimension, an aircraft unknown to earth scientists, till maximum currently. As he had explained to Miss Hoffmann about Mordieu, his photograph, and his biological makeup, as to preserve him out of any vibrant light, that he had a distinct natural makeup, that regular light does now not bother him, however shiny mild does, he avoids it, like a shape of bacterium, that he had a very historical mechanism.

How the Professor knew all this at a loss for words her. Yet he explained even more: “As the digicam lens focuses light on his photo, he is an immense cyanobacterium, a shape of life formed into human shape. He can detect where brilliant light might be and directs his moves accordingly. This is why his pores and skin look underneath sure light, a bluish-green. At one time, his inhabitants had been a shape of planet algae, like bacteria frozen in ice, ice insects in their natural form, and microscope microorganism at an even earlier date.

What one may call a single-celled slime of a computer virus? However, one thousand million years of evolution, that is, allowed him to end up something he had to grow to be, and possibly some help from demonic forces or renegade angelic beings doing experiments. Hence, we got here the Cyanobacteria-giants, or giant bugs undercover, all packed into fiberglass, gel pores, and skin that looks human.)

“You may additionally input,” stated an agent to Miss Hoffmann, into the hearth conference room, with numerous cameras in the area for the interview and security guards all approximately. The interview went smoothly as deliberate, and Miss Hoffmann gave all three a Persian rug of awesome value, saying it became a gift from the newspaper editor of her Gazette, understanding this area of the sector, which includes Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, made the very best first-class of homemade rugs, they have been no longer huge, alternatively 5 ft using three, and tightly knit. All took them in hand with smiles and thanks (s), and after that, she turned and escorted to her aircraft lower back to Israel. The newspaper headlines read the following day, all three were located lifeless of some poison, they couldn’t believe that, but anyone of path knew. And that Resolution 2254 of the United Nations for peace in Syria was firmly in location, and the killings had stopped.

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