Top Smartphones and Apps of 2011 Holiday Season 1

Top Smartphones and Apps of 2011 Holiday Season

When looking at what form of smartphone you can purchase, there appear to be so many options nowadays. Between the Android and Apple gadgets, numerous alternatives are tailor-made to your needs and willing to offer you the whole lot you could need in a telephone and a lot more. Gone are the days of just using it to speak. Now, they may be used to surfing the net, using textual content, and playing video games. It would help if you examined unique varieties of smartphones; however, knowing the right ones may be tough.

One alternative to be had is the Motorola DROID RAZR. Billing the phone because it is the thinnest telephone; it’s miles sleek and light, which means it is simpler to carry. Made of Kevlar, steel, and aluminum, it creates a smartphone that may be a perfect option for the unique RAZR. This smartphone has an exceedingly touted Android software program and weighs under four.50 oz. The physical size of the cell phone is four—30 inches with a decision of 540 x 960 pixels. Of the principal capabilities, you get a light sensor, proximity sensor, and scratch-resistant glass.

One of the most vital factors when buying a smartphone battery lifestyle is The Motorola DROID RAZR, which offers a median of 12.50 hours of communicating time and a perfect 204 hours of stand-with time. The digital camera features are outstanding as you can take HD Video, and the digicam has eight megapixels. Lastly, the machine hardware comes in at 1024 MB of RAM with more or less sixteen GB of built-in reminiscence. This telephone has to be available in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Another exceptional option is the Galaxy Nexus. This is the primary telephone to run the newly created Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is sold as the version that gives up fragmentation. Powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor, it is one of the quickest phones. The weight of the telephones is available at 4—seventy-six oz. The body size of the phone is four. Sixty-five inches is still steady with most Android devices, especially with how light and small they carry. The cellphone also takes HD video with a digital camera supplying five megapixels. The machine memory comes with 1024 MB RAM and more or less 32 GB of built-in storage. This phone should be available in the fourth zone of 2011.

Lastly, the 1/3 most popular cell phone of those released or launched is the Apple launch iPhone 4S. Many were upset that it got here out because the iPhone 4S opposed the iPhone five, but it was not disappointed. It comes with a reworked iOS 5 and introduces a cool new characteristic known as Siri, a non-public assistant that will verbally communicate with reminders and data. It comes with a three. Five” display with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, but the inside of the cellphone is an effective and amazing dual-center A5 processor. Coming in at a weight of under five oz, it could be a bit heavier than its Android opposite numbers; however, nothing might deter the consumer. It gives HD video seize and a digital camera with eight megapixels. The gadget reminiscence comes with 512 MB RAM with up to sixty-five GB of the built-in garage.

One of the most appealing features of smartphones is the apps available for download. Some Android apps are Google Sky Map, which allows you to look at the stars in the sky with the aid of pointing your telephone to the sky; ASTRO File Supervisor, which permits you to manage files in your tool; and Seesmic, which is one of the top Twitter apps available for any cell phone. For the iPhone, some of the top apps available are Amazon and PayPal, and they can be passed anywhere without their reproduction of Angry Birds, which are to be had on Android and iPhone gadgets.

So many smartphones are available on the market that it becomes a tad too tough to discover an appropriate cell phone. With so many options, if you do not do careful research, you may choose wrong, and your difficult-earned cash can be wasted. Most humans no longer recognize how to shop for a smartphone. Here is the proper way to shop for a telephone:


First, you ought to be pretty clear about how much money you’re equipped to spend. Many websites on the internet list smartphones in step with their costs. You can look at the list and notice which phones are to be had on your finances. Some sites even list telephones in step with the price range. Even via this kind of website, you can discover several phones that match your budget.

Phone Finder

Given a phone finder function, GSMArena may be the most famous web pagen. It helps you locate the telephones in a way consistent with the features you need and within your preferred budget. Some of the alternatives to be had might be emblem (Nokia or Samsung or LG, and so forth), OS (Android or Symbian or iOS), whether or not you want camera flash in your telephone or now not, whether you need a physical QWERTY keyboard or now not and so forth. The phone finder will search and list the phones with the features you chose. This greatly helps in narrowing it down to make the right preference.

Compare the capabilities

Now that you understand a few telephones that might beincluded in your budget, You can use the electricity to make comparisons. You want to compare the telephones to test which phones impart better functions at a lesser rate. One vital characteristic to take a look at is the battery’s existence. Smartphones come with tons of features; however, if it does not have an accurate battery, you may not like using that smartphone. So, you must also check which telephones give you greater talk and standby times.

Read opinions

You can have narrowed it down to two or three phones by now. It would help if you examined critiques of these telephones to recognize their pros and cons. Some might also sense that analyzing purchaser reviews lets them realize what is right and bad about that smartphone. However, client critiques are not that reliable. Different customers have one-of-a-kind revel in, and they may use it distinctly. Also, some websites allow people to write down consumer reviews. Hence, you can’t trust it fully. Examining expert evaluations on famous websites along with GSMArena and PhoneArena is beneficial as they may be more actual and nicely researched. You can also check out video evaluations on YouTube or other sites.

Gameloft is well-known for basing its video games on giants from the global console, and Modern Combat is the iOS equivalent of the first man or woman shooter giant, Call of Duty. In the modern-day and finest installment of the series, the USA is under attack from a trio of nations: Korea, Pakistan, and Russia. Like any United States might do, the USA fight returned to get the invaders out.


Let’s start with AI; it does not seem to be AI. The enemies appear to be stuck in a positive direction because they continually appear to return from the same place and shoot at you from an equal position. The controls are proper; the excellent component is that they’re customizable, so if you do not like the ones you are playing with, you can try out any other style.


The graphics are as much as, if not above, the expected 3-D par on this ultra-modern installment, sadly understanding the authentic energy of the A5 chip. At the same time, compared to games like Infinity Blade, there is a massive, outstanding difference. The areas you’re capable of roaming in are highly excellent, the encircling areas and the city’s historical past are of lesser, but still properly best. The weapon’s appearance is fantastic, as do the menus and icons in-game.


Once you have completed playing through the marketing campaign, you can jump right back in on more difficult trouble or play through your favorite venture using the venture pick-out ability. If you are not sure about doing so, or if you have already accomplished so, you can leap into multiplayer. The sport has a few alternatives, giving you many more hours of fun activities.


For the type of game that Modern Combat Three: Fallen Nation is, the asking fee is worth it; for the same price as a small or medium pizza, you’re getting an exceptional sport of excessive excellence. Unfortunately, even now, not everyone will pay up for the sort of high value.


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is an excessive first-class, nicely polished first-character shooter. The recreation stacks up hours of gameplay, and the marketing campaign may not be excellent, but the multiplayer selections are different. The sport appears remarkable and plays wonderfully. First-man or woman shooter fanatics need to take a look at this one as quickly as feasible.

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