The Motorola Razr Head To Head With The Apple iPhone 4S 1

The Motorola Razr Head To Head With The Apple iPhone 4S

For the past couple of years, many have seen the Apple iPhone series because of the benchmark to which different smartphones must be compared. The new iPhone 4S is not specific. Competition for the market-dominating iPhone collection is hotting up even though several manufacturers are liberating an increasing number of marvelous smartphones.

The new Motorola RAZR is one such instance. In this article, I will examine several of the key capabilities of the Motorola RAZR and those of the famous new iPhone 4S to determine which one comes out on top. The iPhone 4S keeps the shape and aesthetics of the iPhone 4, which is widely regarded as the first-rate searching telephone on the market and has had excellent first-class construction; this layout was advertised because of the thinnest smartphone in the world. This isn’t the case, though, as numerous newly released handsets are thinner than the 9.3mm profile of the iPhone 4S. The new name holder is the Motorola RAZR, which somehow packs its dazzling spec list into a handset that is just 7.1mm thick.

Screen Resolution

The iPhone 4S is renowned for having one of the highest-resolution touchscreens of any cellphone. The resolution of 640×960 has been dubbed because the “retina” shows that the pixel decision is so excellent that a person’s pixels can’t be outstanding by the bare eye. Some new smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, are starting to beat this decision. The Motorola RAZR comes close with its decision of 540x 960, matching handsets like the HTC Sensation. This continues to be a big improvement over the cellphone, launched only 12 months ago by a moderate margin, but the iPhone 4S beats the Motorola RAZR in this class.

Internet Browsing

Reading the spec lists of those phones reads very comparable in terms of internet surfing competencies. Connection smart, each offers speeds of up to fourteen. Four megabytes, consistent with the second in regions with 3G coverage, provide Wi-Fi connectivity. The browser software program is the major distinction between the iPhone 4S and Motorola RAZR regarding web surfing. The iPhone 4S is predicated on the famous Safari browser, the default iOS browser, while the Motorola RAZR is predicated on the default Android browser. Connection clever, the two are lightly matched, and the software, in my view, comes down to private choice. I would say that the two are evenly matched in the net surfing class.


The Apple iPhone 4S is the primary iPhone characteristic of a dual-middle processor. The 1 GHz, dual-middle Apple A5 chip is the same one. This is found on the iPad 2, so it’s miles a tested piece of kit. The Motorola RAZR has a 1.2 GHz processor, which is likewise dual-core. This technology is speedily becoming preferred on most newly released smartphones. On paper, the Motorola RAZR beats the iPhone 4S in terms of processing strength, but in practice, it’s not likely that most users would be aware of the difference while truly working both telephones.


I think deciding between those two smartphones largely comes down to personal preference. If you’re already an iPhone fan, you will love the iPhone 4S; however, if Android is your operating mechanism, then the Motorola RAZR will probably take your fancy. Whichever you prefer, you must stress that both phones are astonishing in almost every aspect. There are many functions where one phone beats the opposite, but universally, each is a wonderful handset, and you may no longer be dissatisfied if you select both.

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