Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a New Bike 1

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a New Bike

Riding your own bike is like a dream come true for many people, especially young adults, once they reach 18 years of age. But deciding about “which bike should you buy” can be tricky. The Coronavirus-induced lockdown has further pushed for a need to own a private vehicle. Here are some of the essential aspects you must keep in mind while buying a new bike.

a New Bike

Identify What You Need

Think – why do you need a bike – for sports and adventure, for commuting in local areas, for commuting on the highway, or maybe for a first-time purchase once you have turned 18?

There are several bike options available to suit your needs. A standard bike or an electric bike may be suitable if you are a first-time purchaser or need a bike for local commuting. If you need a bike for sports or adventure, consider purchasing a cruiser or a sports bike.

Even amongst the category you choose, different bikes have different features. For instance, a first-time purchaser may be interested in buying a high-end sports bike, but perhaps he may not be prepared yet to handle the advanced features of the bike. Further, some bikes might be more suitable for your build as compared to the others.

Research and Shortlist

Once you have decided the type of bike you want to buy, shortlist a few good models in that category based on the brands available and their mileage. A bike that has a greater mileage is generally preferable. You must also keep in mind the popularity of the bike, proximity to service centers, and the easy availability of spare parts if you need a replacement. These factors ensure that you can enjoy using the bike not just initially but in the long run too.

There are many two-wheeler loan products available that can aid you in financing your purchase. Most vendors offer a test drive. You must consider riding a few models before finalizing the one you wish to purchase. You may wish to increase your budget post research keeping a long-term perspective in mind.

Initial Costs

It would help if you compared the costs of various types of bikes available in the selected category. The initial costs would include the purchase cost of the bike, registration costs, and insurance costs.

Pricing is often based on different factors like the brand name, mileage, accessories offered, etc. Sports and adventure bikes are generally pricier than standard bikes. Besides, some brands have premium pricing.

Do factor in the maintenance costs of the selected bike and not just the one-time purchase costs. For example, second-hand bikes may be cheaper initially but tend to incur a greater maintenance cost over the long term.

Recurring Costs

While budgeting for your dream bike, don’t miss out on the fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs you will need to incur recurring. The maintenance and insurance costs of a sports bike are much greater than a standard bike. A bike that gives a greater mileage is much more preferable than other bikes, especially with the rising fuel costs.

One should also factor in the two-wheeler loan interest rates while calculating the recurring costs.


Choosing the right bike and purchasing it is no child’s play. For most people, it is a cherished dream. There are many bike loan products available to suit your requirements. Compare online and approach the financier, which can offer you a loan on the most favorable terms. You can even check your two-wheeler loan eligibility and apply online for a two-wheeler loan.

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