The Mysterious Word of Life 1

The Mysterious Word of Life

All of this talk, approximately consuming the flesh and ingesting the blood of Jesus, is making my head harm, and my heartache! This is a hard pronouncing; who can apprehend it. John 6 gets to the coronary heart of the Gospel because it gets to the coronary heart of Jesus Christ. In this ultimate part of John 6, the mystery is extra approximately the Spirit and the Word, at the same time as formerly it turned into about flesh and bread. The phrases that I communicate to you are a spirit, and they’re existence” (verse 63). What a top-notch declare! And how mysterious are the word and The Word! Who can apprehend them? Words are mysterious things. Only their ubiquity makes them seem everyday. But in case you simplest prevent to meditate on phrases and language, bizarre and amazing matters happen.

Have you ever had the revel in of looking at a phrase that you’ve seen all your life when suddenly it becomes bizarre and mysterious? For instance, the phrase “scissors.” We all realize that the letters S, size-ersC, I, S, SK is S, O, speskinR, and S, whilst spelled in succession spell “scissors.” But they don’t virtually sizes,” do they speak in-ers.” I’m certain you have observed this same disorienting phenomenon with letters and phrases. This phenomenon is exactly what God desires to happen to us with Him. He wants us to both interact Him and draw near and recognize Him and yet understand that He who isn’t us has become with us.

Once again, we are faced with twin dangers of idolatry and atheism. Both are responses to the mystery that is God which can be fake and silly. If we ever allow the Word of God, each Bible, and Christ turn out to be too regular, then we’ve got all started the idolatrous manner of taking God and making Him too familiar. Through the Word and Spirit, cGod could be very close to us, indeed, and He has come to be our brother and dwells within us. And but He stays God, so terribly a ways above us that we dare now not think we’ve comprehended Him in full.

And then there may be the current fable known as “deconstruction,” a corrupt philosophy that is atheistic to the middle and most generally taught in English departments within the very lessons that are to are searching for information thru the literature of the phrase. Deconstruction starts with the notion that words are totally human and arbitrary matters and that there is no necessary connection between the phrase and the factor signified. Therefore, when interpreting literature (together with the Bible), we are constantly misinterpreting the meaning. There may be no fixed, customary meaning; simply as in postmodernism, there may be no metanarrative that makes the experience of things for all.

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A man without God is consequently both as an idolater or an atheist.

None of us is absolutely immune from those dread diseases of the soul. The word and Word continue to be mysterious. How is it that seemingly arbitrary splotches of ink on a page speak that means of lifestyles, the universe, and the whole lot? And but they do. If you’re reading Daily Bread to your laptop, think of the superb transformation that has taken area. I, Fr. Charles, examine the Word of God. This in itself is a primary miracle. Consider what is involved. I examine my physical Bible that is earlier than me; however, where did it come from?

It turned into printed by using Thomas Nelson in Nashville, Tennessee (I’m looking at my New King James Version [and if you want to know something truly strange, consider how it’s possible to copyright the Word of God in a particular format!]) A team of scholars decided to look at the King James Version of the Bible and seek advice from texts of the Bible found after 1611 to revise the KJV. Those authentic scholars also consulted the manuscripts they had, operating off the Tyndale and other v

Bible versionsThe manuscripts consulted are themselves copies of copies of the authentic text. The original text itself turned into almost genuinely revised and edited via the Church. Behind this unique text or text lies the oral phrase, for instance, the oral coaching of Jesus found in John 6 and remembered with the aid of John. Jesus Himself, of the path, needed to actually talk those phrases inside the first area, and so He needed to have a body that changed into designed with physical speech in mind, a body that needed to be connected to a mind, a mind, and a spirit.

Of direction, this precise frame becomes united to the Godhead Himself. The Word made flesh spoke the phrases of John 6 that I, Fr. Charles, have read this morning. And so the thriller of The Word made words made Give Us This Day begins with the thriller of the Incarnation.

Now, what occurs after Fr. Charles reads John 6? More miracles!

I examine the link that Thomas Nelson has spilled on web page 1773 of my Bible, and all that has long gone into the production of those words (see the above lengthy paragraph) comes into play. And then my body, thoughts, and spirit have interaction with the words I see, becoming one with my experience, as the Word of God Himself, via the Holy Spirit, comes to me and I feed off Him. As this mystical union takes a region, whilst I continue to be me, and God stays God, I am inspired (not inside the same sense as Scripture is inspired) to assume, feel, and meditate on sure truths God communicates to me.

My thoughts, feelings, and reports mingle collectively, and I make choices to say sure matters to you. From my heart to my mind to my fingers come the phrases that you are analyzing. My words mingle together with your own analysis of the Word of God that has come to you as well. And with any luck, you’re inspired to meditate on God’s Word and worship Him as well.

Talk about the mystery!

Notice how in all of this frame and spirit, the physical and the immaterial, paper and phrases, God and man, all come collectively? It is the Incarnation at work in a powerful way. Who can recognize such mysteries? And yet we do. It is the sacramental precept at paintings by which God, having been made the guy, speaks to us via the flesh of His introduction. In this manner, the Bible itself is a lesser sacrament, as is the complete international. We have access to God thru the Son and the Spirit who present themselves to us through the Word of God made human phrases and through the bread and wine through which the Body and Blood of Christ come to us. Maybe now we can understand the Sacrament, in addition to prayer and the Bible, a little better.

Of direction, all of that is foolishness to man, and it’s no wonder that men ever when you consider that John 6 have been on foot away from God and His foolishly mysterious way of coming to man. So God involves us in methods that we each recognize and yet don’t recognize, and what let’s do? Shall we stroll away whilst God and phrases and even lifestyles seem complicated? You may also have noticed that existence itself is any other thriller, similar to the mystery of God made the guy, the Bible, and the Sacraments. It makes the experience, and yet it does no longer.

But where else shall we pass while things don’t quite make the experience and seem too large for us? What is your response to God while things don’t make sense? Do you shy away, even a bit, or do you embrace Him all the more? We don’t commonly turn away from God all of sudden, but we exercise turning from Him a bit at a time. Often we try this due to the fact life doesn’t make feel. Right now, I am experiencing a time in my existence whilst things don’t make me feel. I’m tremendously worn-out, even for me.

The mind and body fog that has descended upon me (I assume it’s large because of allergies, the body turning towards itself [thank you Adam and Eve!]), and I can’t appear to sense God or hook up with Him the way that I’d want to. The spirit is willing, however, the flesh is susceptible and wears a protective armor, as though lead protecting Superman’s eyes from penetrating. How shall I reply? Shall I trudge on as if God doesn’t exist because I can’t pretty feel Him? Shall I act unilaterally as if He doesn’t exist because I can’t experience Him? Do I really want to act like a religious infant, believing that God isn’t here and can’t see me, simply because I’m below a blanket and may see Him?

Where shall I pass and what shall I do?

Lord, to whom shall I cross? I have left all else for you. I am the cartoon character who has walked off the edge of the cliff, and there’s no way but down unless your grace intervenes. You, Jesus, have the words of life. You are the Word of Life! I accept as true with! Help my unbelief! I come to you, bearing the go of bewilderment and finitude that You have assigned to me. I come and will no longer go away, for You are life itself to me. Prayer: Prayer of Saint John Chrysostom Before Reading or Listening to the Word of God O Lord Jesus Christ, open Thou the eyes of my heart, that I may listen to Thy word and recognize and do Thy will, for I am a sojourner upon the earth.

Hide no longer Thy commandments from me; however, open mine eyes, that I may also understand the wonders of Thy law. Speak unto me the hidden and secret things of Thy expertise. On Thee do I set my hope, O my God, that Thou shalt enlighten my thoughts and information with the light of Thy know-how, not best to cherish those things which are written, but to do them; that during analyzing the lives and sayings of the saints I may not sin, but that such might also serve for my recuperation, enlightenment, and sanctification, for the salvation of my soul, and the inheritance of existence eternal. For Thou artwork the enlightenment of those who lie in darkness, and from Thee cometh every suitable deed and every present. Amen.

Points of Meditation:

What boundaries are there on your lifestyles to seeing and experiencing God? How have you ever been responding to these barriers? Take some time to reflect at the superb thriller of God coming to you individually. Resolution: I resolve to persevere in coming to the Lord today despite what barriers there may be to my coming.

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