A Comparison Between IOS, Windows Phone and Android OS 1

A Comparison Between IOS, Windows Phone and Android OS

Each developer has to focus on several elements to make his cellular app a success and profitable. In addition to concentrating on the app’s look, feel, capabilities and performance, he also needs to goal the proper mobile platform. But the choice of cell working systems differs from one programmer to every other. Some builders decide on constructing apps for the most popular cell operating system, whereas others target multiple cellular working systems. In terms of world marketplace percentage, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are the 3 most popular cellular operating systems of 2015. However, there’s a huge difference inside the worldwide marketplace percentage of each mobile platform. Likewise, the capability of the function of every mobile working machine also differs from others. That is why; it turns important for cellular app developers to recognize some of the maximum vital differences between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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IOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone


Apple added iPhone OS in June 2008. In June 2010, Apple renamed iPhone OS like iOS and made the cell working gadget assist iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Google released the primary industrial model of Android in September 2008. Microsoft launched Windows Phone in October 2010. So Windows Phone is relatively more youthful than other cellular systems. However, the 3 cellular working structures are being updated on an ordinary foundation. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have already made pre-launch beta versions of iOS 9, Android M, and Windows 10 Mobile to programmers.

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Worldwide Market Share

As a long list of reports has highlighted, Android is presently the maximum famous cellular running machine in the market. According to the modern facts posted via the International Data Company (IDC), Android dominates the worldwide cellular OS market with a percentage of 78%. On the alternative hand, the global cellular OS market percentage of Apple is eighteen.Three% and Windows Phone is 2.7%. The popularity and marketplace proportion of each cellular OS keep fluctuating. But Android still has a far better worldwide marketplace percentage than each Android and Windows Phone.

Design and User Interface

Since its preliminary release in 2008, the appearance and experience of iOS have remained almost unchanged. But Google and Microsoft have redesigned their cellular running structures in numerous instances. Lollipop five. Zero got here with a greater materialistic design and used animations to keep the customers engaged. Likewise, the contemporary version of Windows Phone came with a home display screen, and this is completely redesigned as a tiled interface. The tiled interface enables users to access all their apps genuinely utilizing swiping the display to the left. They can similarly test the stay tiles to get basic facts about the apps without commencing them.

Home Screen

A person can, without difficulty, discover the cell operating system used by a selected device truly via searching at its domestic display. Both iOS and Android make apps seem on the house display. The cell platforms permit customers to access the regularly used apps immediately from the home display screen. But Windows Phone shows the apps in a vertical listing. Also, it no longer provides any choice for the area, the maximum vital apps at the lowest of the house display screen.

Quick Settings

The manage panel of an iOS tool consists of a better wide variety of quick-get admission to settings. So the users can go to the control panel to make modifications to the settings without any trouble. Both Android and Windows Phone do not have a greater variety of brief-get admission to settings of their manage panels. But these two mobile working systems permit the complete list of notifications without delay from the notification display. The feature makes it easier for them to alternate the settings without any postponement.

Options to Run Multiple Apps

While previewing iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, Apple revealed the new multitasking characteristic of iPad Air 2. The characteristic will enable users to cut up the display in their iPad Air and run multiple apps at a time. Apple, in addition, permits users to cut up the iPad display screen in some ways. However, the multitasking function and choice will range from one model of iPad to some other. Google is rumored to working on a similar multitasking function that will be protected in the approaching Android… Still, Microsoft has now not covered any multitasking capabilities in Windows 10 Mobile.

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Licensing Requirements

Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android is open supply. So it can be used by mobile device producers without paying licensing charges or royalty. Google further lets hardware manufacturers customize the cell running system in line with their very own requirements. Thus, hardware producers can run their gadgets on Android as designed by using Google or make the gadgets look exclusive with the aid of the use of a custom-designed model of the cell platform.

Support for Programming Languages

The developers must apply extraordinary programming languages while constructing programs for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. A huge percentage of iOS apps are written in Objective-C. But final yr Apple announced a brand new programming language called Swift for iOS app development. So the app builders are required to write down new iOS apps in Swift. Java is the respectable programming language for growing Android apps. But the builders can take benefit of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to write down apps in C or C++. While developing the Windows Phone app, programmers are required to jot down code in C# or VB.NET and expand the user interface (UI) using XAML.

Level of Versatility

Despite having a decreased market percentage of Android and iOS, Windows Phone is more flexible than these popular cell platforms. While using a pill powered via Windows Phone, the consumer can convert the device into a full-blown laptop system. He can honestly upload a mouse, keyboard, and external reveal to the pill, much like a conventional computing device computer. The feature makes Windows Phone more versatile than other cellular running structures.

Number and Quality of Apps

Apple App Store and Google Play Store have a better range of apps than Windows Store. But the wide variety of apps does no longer suggest their great and profitability. The monetization alternatives furnished by way of Apple encourage many builders to construct iOS apps. Further, iOS devices are considered to be used by more affluent consumers who are more likely to use paid apps and take pleasure in mobile commerce. But the large market proportion of Android makes it simpler for developers to reach their cellular apps to a wider and large target market. And I am also pretty positive that Android can hold its dominance in the foreseeable future. Microsoft has protected several functions in Windows 10 to facilitate the development of the Universal Windows App. The feature will encourage programmers to build apps that could run on specific gadgets powered with the aid of Windows.

The cutting-edge industrial go-platform cellular app development gear has made it less complicated for developers to build an identical iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app. Some frameworks even allow them to create apps for more than one cell platform using a single programming language and the same code base. The cell app builders should benefit from this gear to make their cellular programs a success by overcoming the differences among iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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