Finding ways to embrace different sexual identities

Many people start learning about their identity in their early twenties. This is the time you understand your likes and dislikes. Some people find out that they are more attracted to the same sex than the opposite gender. In many societies, homosexuality remains a taboo that is not tolerated at all. What if you found out that the victim in question is your daughter or son? Even if everybody is entitled to their own opinion, judging someone based on their feelings is inappropriate because man is to error. We all make mistakes, and how we deal with our actions matters. Instead of criticizing homosexuality, we will look at dealing with these feelings and coping with homophobic parents.


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How to deal with yourself

Understand what you are feeling

Finding your sexual identity should come naturally and not be chosen. Everybody is different and should not force themselves into orientations that make them uncomfortable. Accepting that you are unique and not pressuring yourself to be like others will save you emotional stress. Knowing who you are, gives you the confidence to live your life happily without feeling victimized.

You don’t have to fit in.


You may be straight or gay does not mean that you have to conform to a particular community. Your sexual orientation should not make you feel inferior to other men or women. If you are not ready to join a gay community, do not do it out of pressure from friends or family.

Develop your individuality

If you accept that you are unique in your way, you will not let any stereotype keep you from achieving your goals. Be strong for yourself even if you face opposition from others and purpose to continue with your life like everyone else. Avoid self-criticism and looking down on yourself. This will help you build your individuality to have the courage to face homophobic parents at the right time.

Avoid unhealthy habits

People struggling with sexual identity find themselves engaging in unhealthy practices such as drug use to deal with the denial and confusion. Get help from CO Recovery Resources to prevent you from getting addicted to drugs as you seek support for mental health. Remember that drugs only give you temporary euphoria but do not change who you are.

Think about your convince a parent if you don’t give them time to talk. It may be painful to listen to their viewpoint, but this will make you understand their origin. Engage them in conversations, and feel free to raise concerns after talking. By doing this, you may realize that their opinions may go deeper than religion. Do not be afraid to press them for details as you raise questions.

Respect their opinions

To avoid arguments, you need to respect their views by just walking away if you find them too staunch or abusive. Instead of attacking their religious beliefs, raise your perspective and try to find common ground. Please share your ideas by giving them examples of a gay friend as you attempt to broaden their opinions. Avoid selfish thoughts by putting yourself in their shoes. Picture how the news may affect them before coming out.

Think about the outcome of telling the truth


There is never an easy way of revealing this news. Your age may affect the response of parents. If you are a teenager, your folks may react negatively to the information since they may think you are immature. Some homophobic parents may take everything you value, while others disown their children. Therefore, think about the possible reaction of your parent before you come out. Waiting till you are old enough and living in your apartment will save you the possibility of being left homeless.

Could you find the most appropriate time to do it?.

The worst thing you can do is reveal this secret when parents are emotionally unsettled. Do not wait for a family crisis to happen for you to break the news. Consider your parents’ moods and seek help from a friend to help you face them. Find kind words to say and tell them that you are happy and confident with your identity. Try to understand their reaction as you avoid arguing with them because they want the best for you.

Convince them to attend family counseling

Bringing in a third ear sometimes helps people see reason. Such news may break a parent’s heart and affect them psychologically. Women especially tend to be blamed for how their kids turn out. One may feel they failed as a parent and keep reflecting on what they did wrong. You can prevent such ill-thought by bringing in a family counselor to help everybody in the family find better ways of coping with the news.

Have back up


Thinking about your next move will help you if things go unexpectedly. Find somewhere you can go for a while if you are still in your parent’s home. Find your own space and let them find you when they are ready to do it. If they tell you to leave, do not fight back; give them time to adjust to your sexual identity. Remember that they may not accept you immediately, but it does not mean they don’t care. Sometimes, time heals wounds.

Final thoughts

As humans, who are we to judge what is right or wrong? Instead of looking down upon gays, we should learn to support and embrace them in our society, even if we disagree with their orientation. For a victim, find ways to accept who you are to feel confident among other people and live a happy life.

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