Career Opportunities with MBA IT 1

Career Opportunities with MBA IT

Master in Business Administration, or MBA, is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after post-graduate courses in the nation. The course is in high demand, as it combines theory and practical management skills with grace and virtually guarantees a job with a higher pay package. An MBA is a two-year course, with a first-year common for all students. In the second year, students are separated and made to choose their path of interest from many available subjects. Some available specializations include Marketing, Human Resources, International Business, Finance, and Information Technology. This article will focus on the benefits of an MBA with an Information Technology specialization.

Today’s world has developed drastically, so much so that computers and information technology are included in even the smallest things. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, and humans depend on computers for all their daily tasks. The human race has evolved to a point where life without a laptop looks highly improbable and dull, which is why the IT specialization has been introduced.


An MBA in IT is very attractive and sought-after because, even after the recession, management jobs in IT have steadily grown. It is projected that there will be more than two million new jobs in the field by the end of the next year. This MBA IT degree will leave you well poised to take advantage of that boom and present yourself as a stronger candidate for jobs and promotions. Those with this prestigious management degree will undoubtedly be offered top management and executive opportunities at any company.

Career Opportunities

In the second year of the course, the specialized IT papers covered include IT in Business Management, E-Commerce, Development of Information Systems, Telecommunication Management, and IT Risk and Management. The MBA in IT course combines the advanced technical skills and proven business and management principles that most employers seek in their management executives, thus virtually guaranteeing you a job.

These graduates’ ascent up the corporate ladder is accelerated as they quickly find themselves in important positions. Some of the most common positions that MBA IT graduates occupy include IT Director, Chief Technology Officer, Management Information Systems Director, and Vice President of Information Technology. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are many career opportunities after an MBA in IT and that job security is virtually guaranteed.

However, the major reward that such a graduate receives is in the pay package. An MBA IT graduate’s average salary has been much higher than his less-qualified counterparts, with a ballpark figure around the 40 lakh per annum mark.

And now, getting an MBA in IT has become increasingly convenient with the advent of Distance Education courses. Many working employees dream of an MBA but are unwilling to sacrifice the security and safety that their current career provides. Now, all they need to do is enroll in a part-time distance education MBA course, and they can earn their much-needed degree from the corresponding university. The course curriculum and work are no different; they must complete the homework and tests assigned within the deadlines and send them to the university. Distance education looks to be changing the landscape of modern education and is a safe bet for those dreaming of greener pastures.

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