10 Technical Steps To Launching a Website For Your Business 1

10 Technical Steps To Launching a Website For Your Business

As a small enterprise owner, it’s miles vital to understand the technical facet of building a website. Understanding this may permit you to pick out the right platform for growth and capability and will assist you in saving your budget for building the internet site. Before I started my digital assistant business, I labored as a task manager for a hit internet site development business enterprise. It turned into working at that employer that I discovered the technical facet of building an excellent internet site, and nowadays I need to percentage with you the steps that are concerned:

STEP 1: Purchase a Domain.

*Go to a place like MediaTemple or GoDaddy and seek to make certain your desired area call is available, then buy it.

*I recommend you place it as much as car-renew so that you in no way need to re-purchase your domain and do not run the chance of dropping possession of your domain name or having your website cross down whilst it’s far up for renewal.

*You usually can purchase versions of your domain call that you may expect viewers to kind in by accident when looking for you online. Determine what those variations are probably and purchase them, but don’t pass crazy. I recognize a few marketers who are area-glad and have 50+ domain names. That’s overkill and totally not well worth your advertising finances.

STEP 2: Purchase Website Hosting

*A lot of entrepreneurs misunderstand the difference between buying a website and buying web hosting. Domain web hosting is NOT the equal issue as website hosting. You MUST purchase a website, after which buy website hosting for that domain too. Typically a domain is $three-$15 consistent with the year, at the same time as web hosting is $10-$25 per month.


The first step is to locate the exceptional MacBook provide from the net. It is not simply the MacBook that comes free of price, but many greater gadgets can be had online, free of fee. At present, there are two promotions for the MacBook. The first advertising is for simple but adorable silver seasoned. The second provision is for the superior, black MacBook air.


*Another common false impression is that you have to have the domain and hosting bought at the identical vicinity… Nope! You can purchase your area at Media Temple, after which you host at Host Gator as I do. As lengthy as you or your website developer knows how to edit the DNS settings to point to the suitable host, your internet site will paint.

STEP 3: Install WordPress on Your Website

*Once your hosting is purchased, there may be typically a place within your account wherein you may “One Click Install” WordPress. If you aren’t sure of a way to try this, please ask your internet site developer to do this a good way to prevent any errors in set up.

STEP 4: Design and Develop, or Purchase Your Theme

*Typically, I choose to have dressmaker ridicule what the internet site will seem like before I have the developer begin coding and customizing. In that manner, the developer is virtually clean on what you need and doesn’t waste time coding. If you’ve got a developer code without a design, you’ll in all likelihood either (A) become with an internet site that isn’t always well branded or concept out, or (B) come to be paying loads for revisions on your website. So figure out the layout earlier than you get it built.

*The different option is to visit http://themeforest.Internet to buy a subject matter, after which supply that to your developer to customize.

STEP 5: Install Your Theme And Upload Your Content

*Once the topic is prepared, you may want to put it on your internet site. In this manner, you may upload and personalize all of your content material. This means growing the vital pages, weblog posts, videos, photos, and many others. Your internet site does not have any extra placeholders and can get prepared for release.

STEP 6: Test The Site, Links, Opt-Ins, and Pop-Ups On Multiple Browsers and Platforms

*Before you ship traffic to your site, you need to make certain that each hyperlink is working and opening new home windows.

*You want to check all opt-ins to make certain they’re taking human beings to the right thanks, pages, and their data is being added to your electronic mail advertising software.

*You also need to check all timed and exit pop use to make sure they may display up well.
*All of this testing ought to be accomplished on multiple browsers (i.e., Firefox, Chrome, IE) and platforms (i.e., Cell, tablet, a computing device) to make certain that it appears correct and works well regardless of how the site visitors discover you.

STEP 7: search engine optimization Your Website For Certain Keywords

*Generate a list of key phrases that a traveler may use to find you on the web. For example, in my VA business, people may also seek “digital assistant” or “virtual assistant services” in Google, and that is when I want my internet site to show up.

*Install SEO plugins like “search engine optimization Ultimate” to customize the Page Titles and Descriptions for those keywords. Before you do that, I advocate that you research search engine marketing great practices or hire a search engine optimization professional to do that for you. (trace: If you do search engine optimization incorrectly, it could absolutely HURT your scores)!

STEP 8: Install Analytics So You Can Track The Results

*Go to http://google.Com/analytics and set up your Google Analytics account.
*Grab the tracking code from Google Analytics, which you’ll then add to each web page of your website.
*A quick manner to add this code to each web page of your website is using a “Google Analytics” WordPress Plugin as a way to upload it to every web page for you automatically.


STEP 9: Install Website Security To Protect Your Website

*Before you cross life, you want to make certain you’re protecting yourself from hackers. In this manner, choosing usernames and passwords which can be tough to discern out (i.e. Do not pick out “admin” or a variation of your name or commercial enterprise call for the username, and pick passwords that WordPress classifies as “Strong”)
*Install a “CAPTCHA” plugin to require human beings to show they’re human before posting for your site or becoming users.

Don’t forget to add an SSL certificate to your website. I provide security and improve keyword ranking in search engines. Comodo is the most popular CA that issues this type of trusted SSL certificate. Here is a list of Cheap Comodo Positive SSL certificate providers that saves your money.

*Delete any unused plugins and set up a reminder for yourself to update your plugins and WordPress each month.
*Install Sucuri Scanner to inform you of attempted logins, and set up a reminder for yourself to robotically test your website online for malware.

STEP 10: Take the Website Live and Get Going With Your Marketing!

*Once you’ve completed steps 1-9, you are geared up to move! Move your website from your test website on your live webpage, or take down your “coming soon” page if both of these are relevant to you.
*Start sending site visitors!

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