Apparently, Athleisure Beauty is Now a Thing 1

Apparently, Athleisure Beauty is Now a Thing

Beauty manufacturers are launching makeup you may wear to hot yoga. Pop quiz: you’re sporting clothier leggings, paying $30 for an exercising magnificence, and hitting up a women’s brunch proper afterward. So, are you wearing makeup for all that or not? Beauty brands are making a bet that you might not need to move barefaced for gymnasium selfies. Over the past few years, the athleisure craze has transitioned into a complete-blown way of life, with $2 hundred leggings bought at the shelf at boutiques next to vitamins and green lipgloss. Meanwhile, paparazzi are taking out gyms to catch stars like Gigi Hadid, who is taking walks out in sweats, with ideal hair and vampy lipstick (a glance Vogue referred to as glam leisure).


No wonder makeup companies are rolling out foundations and lipsticks designed to be worn at the fitness center, like Birchbox’s Arrow brand and Tarte’s aptly named “athleisure” line. MAC even rolled out a fitness-stimulated Work Out collection. Then, indie splendor brands grow their products constructed to withstand lively life, such as 60-minute sweat classes. Here are three factors in the back of the upward push of athleisure splendor:

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The way we work out has changed. Fitness is a form of amusement now: it’s no longer simply running on the treadmill in a vintage University T-shirt. “We used to visit the health club to go to the health club. Now the fitness center has a spa, an espresso store, and a tire experience,” says Rochelle Rae. She began her line Rae Coat cosmetics because she desired a foundation that could withstand Texas’s intense warmth and humidity.

Makeup is built for performance. These active splendor brands boast that their products are sweat-resistant, sufficient to make them go via the sweatiest Bikram magnificence. “I desired an eyeliner that I should wear for warm yoga. That’s how Sports Beauty happened,” says Annie Finch, founder of Katherine Cosmetics, the business enterprise she released in 2013 after spending 23 years working at Estée Lauder.

When she first floated the concept of sporty makeup, she got a few pushbacks. “Everyone around me changed into, like, that is a silly concept. Nobody wears makeup to work out. I was like, oh, yeah, we do. We don’t speak about it.” So why no longer produce makeup that can genuinely handle running out, she decided.

Similarly, Rae’s Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20 moisturizer is waterproof enough to no longer get all over your shirt while you sweat, and it clogs your pores. Sweat Cosmetics, a line whose founders consist of Olympians and professional athletes who wanted lengthy-lasting makeup they may wear for televised games, assesses all its merchandise with dermatologists.

It goes with the “no makeup” trend. Athleisure splendor merchandise is on the low-maintenance ease of the spectrum—it’s no longer full-on contouring. “It’s sweatproof and smudge-proof. The idea is that human beings look at you, similar to ‘Oh my gosh, you look super,’ but they don’t know why, Katherine Cosmetic’s founder Annie says.

At Sweat, the purpose is to properly enhance herbal splendor. “We assume very few girls are going one hundred makeup-free, which is why some other big fashion is the “no makeup, makeup” look. It’s usually made us chortle because it takes plenty of time and some makeup to attain this “no makeup” appearance that everyone desires,” Courtney Jones, CEO of Sweat says. “Products like Sweat help girls reap this appearance of wearing not anything, but at the same time, imparting them with small amounts of coverage (and solar protection!) to make them feel a little more comfy.”

The more I learned about athleisure makeup, the greater the experience it made. But a part of me questioned: in light of the makeup tax, does this imply that there can be no public place where girls aren’t expected to wear makeup if there are splendor products designed only for the gym?

Sweat’s CEO Courtney took this question head-on. “We individually do not suppose ladies need to put in more beauty effort while going to the gym, and we, in reality, don’t suppose ladies need to experience like they need to be made up all of the time. It’s simply not practical,” she said. “Sweat become created to be versatile, handy, and beneficial for all pores and skin types and possibilities. Ultimately, our line becomes designed to carry out any form of hobby significantly—whether or not this is strolling around at the park with your youngster, doing yoga, or catching up with a pal over a stroll.

I will say that I went to my CorePower Yoga Sculpt elegance this week, sporting Rae’s tinted moisturizer and Katherine’s Everyday Eyeliner. Nothing had been budgeted when I went inside the replicate after 60 minutes of Sweat streaming down my face. Really! It may have been the exercise endorphins. However, I felt quite glamorous. The Lookbook is Bravo’s home for uplifting content and stories that feed fashionistas with a regular weight loss plan of proportion-worthy patterns, personalities, and enterprise news. Please like us on Facebook to live with our daily updates.

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