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Best Ivy League Haircuts: Why You Should Choose Ivy League Hairstyle.

Do you want to get noticed wherever you go? Ivy League haircuts are the best for men looking to add sophistication and fun to their hairstyling. This beautiful haircut is a combination of side parts and crew cuts. Though it maintains the cuteness of the crew cut, that doesn’t compromise with the side part’s sleek design.

Commonly sported by Ivy League university students, celebrities like Ryan Gosling have sported this haircut. Whereas a clipper is normally used to create crew cuts, Ivy League haircuts are created using scissors where the hair is trimmed to the needed length. Ivy League haircuts are also called Princeton men’s haircuts.

1. The buzzed Ivy League Hairstyle.

This haircut is similar to the crew haircut. However, the only difference is that a pair of scissors is used to cut the top hair. This haircut is also known by other names, such as Brown Cut and the Princeton Clip. It is common among Ivy League university students.

2. Brushed Up Haircut.

As the name suggests, this haircut has brushed-back hair to one side. A small quiff is styled at the front. The sides have short hair, but a small part is visible. A pomade is utilized to maintain the glow and shape of this haircut. It is ideal for any formal event.

3. The Modern and Fashionable Ivy League Haircut.

This is your best hairstyle if you prepare to make a fashionable yet chic appearance for a formal occasion. It is simple to wear and doesn’t need much effort to maintain. It is suitable for men with medium hair. However, you can also experiment with it on thick and thin hair. This Ivy League haircut will offer you a fashionable, tidy look that suits any formal occasion.

4. Casual and Formal Hairstyle.

The Ivy League cut is relaxed, simple, and yet somewhat formal. This hairstyle is a variation of the 1960s Ivy League style. The only feature that makes it unique is the length variation of the locks. A correct analogy is well displayed in this hairstyle.

5. The Comb Over Style.

In this hairstyle, the top hair is combed over, and the sides are kept comparatively short. The frontal hair is slightly lifted, and pomade is used to keep the hair’s shape and touch. It is a casual yet very cool style.

6. The Side Combed Ivy League Hairstyle.

The extended hair at the crown is brushed to the side, creating a slight part. The sides are kept relatively short, while the neckline is kept straight. The facial hair is also tamed short. This is a short and vibrant hairstyle ideal for men with an oblong-shaped face.

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