4 Tips for Finding the Right Replacement Sump Pump 1

4 Tips for Finding the Right Replacement Sump Pump

Part of being a homeowner is to ensure that it’s safe, even in unfavorable weather conditions. While wallpapering, renovating your kitchen, and choosing soft furnishings may be an exciting part of changing your home, it’s important to lay down a solid foundation to make sure you don’t experience problems down the line.

Sump Pump

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 50% of US citizens experience moisture problems in their basements. Sump pumps are among the essentials, which you need when you have a crawlspace or basement. With the right sump pump from a reliable supplier, like Pumpbiz, you may prevent dampness, especially if there is a water table above your home’s foundation. To choose the right sump pump, here are tips to help you:

Determine the Risks of Flood

The location of your home is the most important variable when finding the right type of sump pump. Geographic regions located near the coast are more affected by flood risks. Basically, you may evaluate the flood risks in two different ways. Firstly, you need to know if your neighbors are covered with a flood insurance policy. If most homes around you have been insured, the location has a high risk of experiencing a flash flood.

Another way is to refer to the historical flooding trends. The likes of the USGS and FEMA have outlined places susceptible to flash flooding in a map. Hence, you may need to look at the map before buying a replacement sump pump.

Have a Budget

When finding a sump pump for your home, you need to consider its costs and electrical bills at large.

Maintenance costs are also important, especially when you want your pump to last for long. If you are concerned about the cost, you need to find a pump at a reasonable price.

Consider Your Basement Type

Sump pumps can either come with submersible or pedestal amounts, so it’s important to choose equipment based on the type of your basement. Pedestal mounted sump pumps use a float system to drain water and turn the whole structure. Unlike submersible, pedestal pumps are cheaper but should be mounted to ensure its motor does not get wet.

As for submersible pumps, they can sit on the water, making them suitable for the rainy season or experiencing floods. These pumps are also discreet, durable, and safe for homes with kids.

Look at the Special Features

These pumps are made of materials ranging from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic to long-lasting cast iron. Apart from having such materials, they also have an alarm designed to alert when your equipment stops working or water moisture reaches a problematic level.

They may also have a silent check valve and a float switch. The valve gets rid of the noise, which occurs when sump pumps shut off, while the float switch helps to activate the equipment when moisture is at the pre-determined level.

Final Thoughts!

Cellars and converting basements have become popular in recent years. However, for them to remain usable, they need to stay dry all year long. Mostly, replacing your malfunctioning sump pump with a new one is the ultimate solution you require. To ensure you choose the right pump, you may need to determine the type of your basement and look at additional features, to name a few.

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