10 Free Android Apps That Will Actually Make You Money While Shopping! 1

10 Free Android Apps That Will Actually Make You Money While Shopping!

Shopping is both natural bliss or torture, depending on who you ask. Regardless of which give up of the spectrum you are on, Android apps will help you shop money and will let you turn out to be an extra efficient consumer (which I’m positive appeals to most of you). So what does that entail? It’ll supply the shopaholics more bang for their buck, which is never a terrible issue. Perhaps even more importantly, these Android apps will provide homophobes what they absolutely crave- less time inside the stores!

The pure power and capability of those Android apps can actually make purchasing surely a new revel in. No reply if these apps function as a shopping list, database, storefront, or a supplemental information supply, they are all squarely aimed at one aspect: in case you use them, they’ll save you money! You’re getting a feeling like Android buying apps, in fashionable, would possibly help you, right? Well right here are 10 Android apps in order to save you money whilst they help you fulfill all your purchasing wishes and goals. Oh, and did I point out that everyone these ten is absolutely FREE to download?

Android Apps


Want to recognize more approximately an object you noticed on the rack? Just use SnapTell to scan the barcode of any CD, DVD, e-book or online game and you’ll be able to get all of the facts you could in all likelihood want. What sort of statistics? Well, in case you need a few extra cursory facts, that’ll work. Most appreciably, if you need to see how the fee stacks up to other vendors, it may do this for you in seconds. This app can be a large time cash-saver for you in case you take the time to apply it before you make that next media purchase!

Key Ring Reward Cards

This is a completely available app to consolidate all your middle for your handbag/pockets while ensuring that you don’t lose precious praise/loyalty playing cards. How does it work? All you do is take a picture of the barcode of your reward card (just about any first rate sized business enterprise with a rewards application is within the database- over 650 packages) and enter a few simple facts about the store. That’s it; you’re now ready to use your phone as your praise card at that shop in the destiny via pulling up your praise statistics from that store in this Android app. It’s probably not for non-techies or individuals who crave extreme simplicity. It is, but, an amazing idea and generation in an effort to absolute confidence get crisper inside the destiny.

If you don’t mind carrying all your reward playing cards and doubtlessly dropping one or alongside the way (and having to go through the wait to replace the card), this free Android app feels like a waste of time. But, if the greater inch of now not-so-smooth plastic padding to your rump (or the misuse of perfectly true handbag area- now not to mention the capability lack of ability to use your chic tiny handbag out shopping) is not idyllic, this app is really worth the little while to download and get the whole lot installation nicely.


This is an appropriate app for the satisfied, busy family of Android smartphone users. It permits the youngsters to ad infinitum add all their necessary meals. When the objects are purchased, they may be removed from the list (on all the Android phones it’s registered to), and then, 4 hours later, they could, without problems, be added back onto the listing! Joking apart, that is an extraordinary app to have for the brand new-age hyper-busy, hyper-tech households that need to emerge as extra green.

Hey, it charges plenty of cash to hold purchasing that more loaf of bread that your husband/wife (or maybe you- thanks to that not sure hmm, don’t we want bread second even though you just sold two loaves the previous day- sure you are not on my own!) picked up and will end up turning inexperienced earlier than every person has a threat to make a sandwich with it.

OI Shopping listing

TThis app fully named the OpenIntents Shopping list, is just like the OurGroceries for the unmarried oldsters accessible. Not to mention a family would not gain from this app, it simply has more functions and it’s not a super fit like the different app is for families that want an easy method to hold up on their brand new shopping needs. That being said, this app is an effective workhorse and may really end up saving you limitless hours and a few decent cash at year’s cease.


US Yellow Pages Search

This is one of the more beneficial free Android apps to be had and I’ll be sincere, it does not 100% match with the subject matter of helping you store cash even as shopping. I should argue that it does, but for simplicity, I’ll use an old cliche: Time is Money! Saving a while is as desirable as saving coins on those busy days out and about. Having this app on your Android cell phone is like having 300 first rate-thick Yellowbook from all over the US stuffed into your again pocket. Not a horrific component if you tour a first-rate quantity or experience living out of doors of your house. It’s only an extremely good aid to have access for those instances whilst you want to discover an enterprise’s quantity fast.


This professional app brings eBay to your Android cell phone. It’s the form of crazy, however, I think I like this UI higher than the actual website on my laptop. I do not know if that is a good factor or a terrible one. Nonetheless, it offers you an idea that this Android app changed into evolved efficaciously and certainly hits the mark. That is if you’re an eBay fan; if you’re no longer, sorry!


Similar to eBay’s Android app, this splendor from Amazon brings all of the functionality from the full-sized internet site on your Android smartphone. It’s high-quality how seamless this transition seems for these large resellers. This is a high-quality element for us though!


The final of the GIANT resellers’ Android apps in this list, I promise. Well, a form of in case you don’t consist of Groupon to your listing of “resellers”, I haven’t lied to you. So, if you’ve ever used Craigslist, you know the way entirely crucial it’s far to test out an ability “killer object” inside five mins of it being posted and finally be the first handful of human beings to touch the seller to have any hopes of actually ending up with it to your possession.

That being stated, if you use Craigslist and you’ve got an Android phone, YOU NEED THIS APP NOW! Haha, sorry to scream, however, in case you’re going to apply this portal of goodness with the hopes of finally shopping for something you want/want, you need to have instant access to newly posted gadgets. The most effective way to do that (I’m taking liberties assuming you are not a recluse and on your property laptop 24/7) is to have access “on-the-cross” to immediate notifications for your set of objects that interest you and add a way to view them. This app plays both of those important moves and does them nicely.

*Please, for your sake, in case you want to be the guy (gal) bragging approximately the super deal you got on the “coolest issue within the world” instead of the not-so-glad version of you alas telling the story approximately “the one that was given away” to everyone who will listen, download this app!*


This is the professional app from the immensely famous and unexpectedly developing Groupon website. This site has a “cult-like” following (no longer in an awful way!), which advantages its customers. The more humans that use their services, the more offers are offered to the users, which facilitates anybody to shop a great sum of money! This free Android app guarantees which you’re by no means out of the “Groupon loop” and you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the attractive offers anywhere you may be.

The Coupons App

Another money-saving coupon app? Yes! That’s all I can say- the potentialities of saving a greenback on this economic system is an effective force it appears. I’m nearly a chunk surprised at myself that I failed to absolutely inundate this “purchasing list” with coupon apps (patting myself on the shoulder for spreading out the love). If simplest I may want to go lower back in time to 1989 and use this app instead of clipping 500-plus coupons from the Sunday paper (for my mother). Well, the ones had been proper times- minus the paper cuts.

What’s this Android app going to do for you? Anything and the entirety coupon related; it brings the coupons with you for your telephone and lets in you to discover new ones even whilst you are at the store! That’s quite tremendous for those of us now not commanding “Top CEO” salaries…

Honorable Mention:

There’s only one unfastened Android app that I would consider placing in this listing. The cause is as it’s probably the most vital app for all of us to download nowadays. I take into account it extra of an “obligatory app” than an Android purchasing app and that’s why it’s right here.

The app I’m talking of is the Barcode Scanner. Among other matters, it permits you to browse the web for your laptop and take a photograph of the QR Code of an app you’re inquisitive about downloading. Once the code is processed (which takes little or no time- speak seconds), the corresponding Android app down loads web page seems in the Google Marketplace! It’s that simple and works like an attraction after you get beyond the quick “operator blunders” level that plague most of us.

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