Installing Hardwood Floors: Asks Some Questions Before 1

Installing Hardwood Floors: Asks Some Questions Before

Hardwood floors make an excellent choice when it comes to giving a classic touch to your house. They not only uplift the curb appeal of the house but are highly robust. Because of their sturdiness, many people plan to install hardwood floors but hardly know that hardwood floors are available in many types, such as oak flooring, maple flooring, cherry flooring, and all of them are worth it.

Although hardwood flooring gives a chic look to your home, yet it totally depends upon the way they are installed. I have seen many people frowning over their newly installed hardwood floors that have lost their luster within a few weeks or have scratches and ruptured surfaces. The reason behind the wear and tear of their new flooring is inexperienced installers.

Installing Hardwood Floors: Asks Some Questions Before 2

If you are fascinated by the new hardwood floor, I would suggest you hire professional hardwood floor installers since they have the right skills to manage the floors and the right knowledge of every single detail about hardwood floors. Even if you are looking for refinishing your previously installed hardwood floors, find the experts to do the job since an amateur may not succeed in fulfilling your wishes.

To look for a reputed company, here are some questions that will help you find one-

Which type of hardwood flooring is suitable for my house?

When you have made up your mind to install hardwood flooring in your house, you must ask the flooring contractor what hardwood flooring is actually suitable for your home since hardwood floors have further types? If your contractor comes up with vast information related to each type, it means you are on the right track. For instance, you might have thought of installing oak finished floors, but the suitable choice is hickory for your house.

How much will it cost?

professional hardwood flooring company would inspect your place, check the size and then come up with the price estimation and extra charges, if any. So if your contractors inspect your home before revealing the costs, it means you have selected the right ones. Besides, many companies charge according to work per day, work per week, or the number of workers working. Do ask them about their charging policy.

Are you insured and certified to do the job?

Always ensure that the company is certified and insured to provide security while implementing the job. Being insured means taking all the measures to maintain the integrity of their work and looking after their workers.

How will you handle unexpected installation issues?

Unexpected issues can arise anytime during the installation process because of the damaged subfloor. The trained workers must be ready with a backup to ensure that they handle such issues with utter care and appropriate equipment. Besides, they must not hesitate to tell the owners about the problems that they had to face because of the previous damages.

Do you offer a warranty?

Many hardwood flooring companies offer at least one year of warranty, while others can extend the material. Therefore, you must ask your contractor about the warranty on the installation job or the elements.

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