Get to Know About Your Rival Sites with the Help of Website Checker Tool 1

Get to Know About Your Rival Sites with the Help of Website Checker Tool

Managing the performance of a website is a tedious task. It is such a kind of a task which is never so easy. There is a search algorithm of Google that is always changing, and then there are also other sites that drive away from the possible traffic away from your site. So, the question that arises is how can you efficaciously enhance your site’s performance? The answer is that you need to make certain points of relevant data and precise data. And it would mean that you will have to collect information about your competitor and their data. If you want to overtake your competitor site’s performance, you need to use a trustworthy website traffic checker online. It is as simple as that, and it is also straightforward to use; even a man of common parlance can use this.

Why Should You Use Website Checker?

Keeping an eye on your site and comparing the stats of similar portals, you can get various kinds of advantages. There are some excellent tools from which you can measure the statistics of your site. For instance, you can check the web sites traffic with the help of Google analytics. It can be a lot trickier job if you have to gather information regarding your competitor’s website.

There are plenty of ways to check the website traffic, but you are also not sure whether the results are precise so that you can take the help of a website traffic checker for free in such a scenario. I am suggesting you use this because it is straightforward to get wrong information about any site. And also, you can get wrong data about the performance of the sites. As per the statistics, a plethora of website checkers will overstate traffic for maximum sites.

Alexa, the Best Tool

alexa ranking tool

Now, there are certain tips and tricks; before I tell you those, let’s first check the free website traffic checker, and one such traffic checker for websites is Alexa. If you want to know about the performance of any site or the traffic which is approaching that particular site, then Alexa is the one that can provide you with the data for the same. Alexa ranking is one of the best ones. But one of the saddest parts is that the way you can get maximum data is a paid one.

But with the free functionality also you can enhance your portal. So, now let’s see what is included in the Alexa detailed reports. The detailed report by Alexa includes information about the referral source and also about the traffic source. It also shows you or gives you details about the geography of the audience. Plus, the data will also include keywords that can bring new users to your competitor’s website. There is also an audience overlap feature that will display the sites that share keywords and visitors with your platform. This will show your competitors are.

Website Traffic Checker Online

Website Traffic Checker

If you want to know your portal’s performance or measure the same, follow these tips and tricks. Always remember -who are the ones who visit your site that more than one time. It would help if you didn’t forget to filter your own visits from the traffic sites. Then, next is that you should be able to identify your competitors. You should choose at least 5 competitors. So, now with a traffic checker website, you can easily get to know your competitor websites that share the same keywords and the audience as your site.

You should also check the advertising page. You can check the website’s traffic. Also, you can check the conversion rates. Then, you should also be able to analyze the videos of your competitor on YouTube. Next, an SEO checker is also important. It is pivotal for you to know which keywords bring the audience to your competitor’s site. So, that also you can take the help of the website traffic checker online. And again, I tell you, you should use the dual methods to check the website traffic. You can get to see much valuable information with the help of a website checker.

Analyzing Rival Websites

Now that you know about the website checkers and how important it is for you to know your competitor’s website. It is recommended that you use one of the best website checker tools, i.e., Alexa. Many things will be revealed by the Alexa tool regarding the website s about which you want to know and the complete information about that website and keywords that bring many people towards a particular site and much more. So, there can be many things that can help you with your competitor’s website and much more about it in detail.

There are several website traffic checker tools that you can use apart from Alexa, which can greatly help you analyze your rival websites, and you can also compare the statistics. Ahrefs is also one of the best free website traffic checkers online. It is one of the greatest tools to open the list. The only thing that makes it unique is that, for starters, it offers updated and accurate statistics. It has more than 45 million keywords in its databases, and it is an apt tool for enhancing the SEO rankings of any site.

Final Words

If you go online, you will find many such online tools to analyze your competitors’ websites and the keywords that appeal to the audience towards their sites. With these online tools like that one of Alexa, you can do a lot of research about your competitor and much more about their site. You will get maximum information, which will help you enhance and boost your website’s performance very nicely. You will get all the useful and important data about the traffic. Also, you will get to know about the income which a website generates through ads.

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