5 tips on how to start a successful editing career 1

5 tips on how to start a successful editing career

So, do you want your new editing career to be successful? Having such a mindset is salutary. You can succeed as a dissertation editor or whichever niche you choose, even if you think it’s already saturated. But know that being saturated does not count that much. What matters most is your approach and creativity. It would help to do things differently to earn what others aren’t. If you can get it right from the very start, you will enjoy the freedom that the work-from-home job offers, and you can also take care of your bills. Here are essential tips that can help give your editing career a great start.

1. Get ready to learn new things

Editing or proofreading, as you know it, is not all about correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. Some specific niches or projects will require you to use terms and terminologies peculiar to them. So, to succeed or impact your editing career, you must be ready to learn and develop your vocabulary and knowledge in your preferred niche. Practice makes perfect. So, whenever you don’t have a project, get articles in your area of interest, read them, look for mistakes, and see how you can improve them. Study the writing style, terminologies, and every aspect you feel will help you succeed in your career. But never give up the desire to practice consistently.

2. Pick your niche wisely

As a beginner, you may want to use generic terms like “editing and proofreading” services so that clients can find you easily. But the result might not be pleasing. Instead of generalizing, choose a specific niche or area like “dissertation editing,” “children’s book editor,” “essay editor,” or any other area you are good at. However, you will start having more projects when people know you are an expert in your niche. But you must prove that you are an expert in the quality of your output. If you are skilled in your niche, clients will keep coming back. They may also refer others to you. According to my essay writing professionals, choosing a specific editing niche can help reduce competition.

3. Make your rates attractive

As a beginner, your primary focus should not be on making more money. It would help if you were more concerned about building your reputation and gaining experience. The more tasks you complete, the more exposure you will have regarding clients’ needs and the demands of different projects. However, your experiences will help you fix your rates and know what the prices of some special projects should be. But as a beginner, ensure your rate is encouraging. Check what your close competitors are charging and make yours a little lower. It would help if you also charged per word count. For instance, set the range at $0.02 or more per word.

4. Create a website

Before you start your editing career journey, the first thing you need to do is to create a website. Having a personal website will help clients find you with ease. It will also enable you to showcase your work. Write and upload SEO-friendly articles that will generate organic traffic to your blog. In other words, use keywords that potential clients might use when looking for a professional editor online.

5. Advertise your business

In the past, advertising was a scary word because of the financial implications. But now, there are many cost-effective ways you can advertise your business. You can use social media, email newsletters, and blog commenting to let people know what you do. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and others allow users to create and share their profile details on various social media channels. So you can join them to bid for jobs. The ratings you will receive on these platforms will also boost your reputation.


It doesn’t matter if you are starting your editing career today. You can become successful and make enough money to handle your financial needs. But you must follow the right path and create a good foundation for your business. If everything is right, you might achieve tremendous results in no time.

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