Some Places With Really Cool Cheap Glass Pipes

Depending where you’re from, cheap glass pipes might be sold in abundance from the corner store in your small town to the specialized head shops in your nearest city. Either way, for most people that live in cannabis friendly places, it can be pretty easy to get your hands on basic spoon glass pipes, or ceramic and metal pipes too even. The thing is most of the time, the selection and variety of these pipes and their designs can be pretty monotonous. Not every store can afford or even has access to excellent craftsmen which blow glass lovingly by hand. That means they have to get their inventories from established suppliers and retailers, which can mean that you see more or less the same options for cheap glass pipes across ten different stores, even in some cities. I’ve learned that the best and cheapest places to find this sort of thing are abroad, in tropical places that thrive off tourism and booming markets for gift shopping and the creation of tasteful trinkets. I’ll share with you a couple places where I found some seriously awesome and ridiculously low priced glass pieces of all kinds.
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  1. Thailand. Thailand’s a country where cannabis is able to grow naturally in tons of areas, but the general local populations pretty much all look down upon the use of it in almost any way. There are very strict laws for pot and tourists can find themselves in jail very easily if they’re not wary of scams. Acquiring weed and smoking it is a huge risk in Thailand, but you can still easily find awesome pipes and bongs for sale almost anywhere. After all, they know all us Westerners love our herb and they don’t have a problem profiting off that. I’ve found some really funky designs in gift shops all over the country. Just remember not to smoke with it before coming back home!
  2. Central Americas. When I went on a cruise around a lot of the caribbean islands, I was amazed at how different all the pipes in gift stores were between each separate island. Each community brings their own flavor to their creations, and you can find some very unique and often comedic takes on little pipes of all sorts from glass to wood to ceramic or clay.