“Water is the best, but gold shines like fire blazing in the night, supreme of lordly wealth.” Indian women are fond of bangles throughout India, and they are traditionally a part of “Solah Shringar.” A married woman must wear bangles made up of any metal; generally, it is glass, gold, or other metals. As the fashion and trends evolved, there are many kinds of new trends taking over the traditional trends; traditionally, bangles were just made up of metals or glass. Still, now they’re made of stones and designs to give a contemporary look. They’re becoming popular with their cost-efficiency, lightweight, and trendiest designs. Do you wish to buy bangles that are fit to the pocket and are trendy? Then let’s see different types of gold bangles available in 10 grams and upgrade your fashion statements with them. pearl-bead-bangles-by-pourni-medium_632c81e881bfa1b10cff7f0d53464349.jpg

1. Bead Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

The bangle is decorated with small round beads around the bangles; it is authentic and matches the traditional look. It is generally worn as a set of four or two with glass bangles in between them.


2. Designer Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

This bangle comes as a single band with small carvings to give it unique and substantial at the same time. You can wear it with an Indian look and match it with a long gown and western outfits. It gives a fusion look, making it a great choice to wear anywhere and on any outfit.


3. Traditional Kundan Style Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

The origin of this bangle is from Gujarat; it is made up of beautiful kundans and usually comes with a pair of thin gold bangles which makes them a perfect set. It is usually worn with sarees and suits more with Bandhani Printed and patola sarees to add uniqueness.


4. Ganga Jamuna Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

These are the latest designer bangles. Mostly it is made up of gold with silver combo leaves locked in each other. You can wear this kind of bangles with regular outfits as they give you an elegant look and look simple at the same time.

5. Machine Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

These kinds of bangles come alive by the cuts made on them, which they shine and prowess simultaneously. The gold bangles come in a dozen. You can combine them in various colors. You can wear them on sarees to give a heavy look with a mix and match combination of other bangles.

Machine Gold

6. Peacock Style Gold bangles in 10 Grams:

Peacock Style


Do you wish to wear a single bangle to get a simple bracelet look? Then this bangle is just for you. This designer bangle gives you a royal look to carry on each occasion. It can be worn with any kind of outfit.

All the above bangles are the latest and unique in their own sense. Gold bangles have their own individuality in Indian tradition. The evolution in gold bangles has made them more suitable for every occasion, whether it is a party or wearing them regularly. We will easily get all gold bangles online, like 22k gold bangles designs with prinowadaysays.

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