Ideal age to get pregnancy and pregnancy complications at later stage of life

Thinking of the several debatable questions like the ideal age of getting married to the ideal age of for trying for a baby, we have move a lot way in terms of the quality of life we are living and the kind of things we are worried about. About five decades ago, when people got married, the only thing that mattered was age. The man used to be at least 5 years older to the women and the women in her late teens or early 20s. This changed as humans changed. When our needs change, the things and habits we practiced over the years change. That is precisely how wedding scenario changes. Education became the primary need and the years to complete one degree increased the marriage age. Then settling in a good job became the next priority and this age took some more years from the lives of people and there we are at the present time. Apart from education and job, nowadays people want some time for them before they settle down for marriage. Most of the time, this is the discovery phase oneself.

Now, let us get back to our core topic. Pregnancy can happen to a women from 18 to 45 with the legal age limits. But the chances of becoming pregnant decreases by age. The fact that most women should realise is that your age and fertility is inversely proportional. As you grow old, the hormone activity reduces. Your uterus becomes weaker and hence the ability to carry reduces greatly. This leads to miscarriages. At a maternity hospital in pune, couples are given proper counselling before they try for pregnancy. Certain maternity hospital in Chandigarh, helps couples with fertility quotient test, which will help them identify their fertility age and plan things.

Most of us do not understand that our body ages and it will no longer function with the same impact with which it used to be. In the early 20s, women will have high chances to conceive and this will start reducing when we age. But at early 20s, coping with pregnancy can be difficult but as age proceeds, pregnancy can be at ease. There are certain trade-offs, but the objective to get pregnant and it is very important to see to that we conceive at the time when the chances are high. Concluding this by saying that there is no right age and there is no right time for the idea of pregnancy but our body does has a right time and right age so consider this also in your decision taking efforts.

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