Florist Vancouver Or DIY Vases for Holiday Flowers and Plants?


Though it is recommended to leave the vase decoration work in the hands of a professional florist Vancouver, sometimes DIY work can prove more valuable especially if you know the tricks. With your personalised decorative feel, the vases of your plants and flowers will look as stunning as the florals themselves.

These beautiful DIY tricks are ideal for decorating vases for your home, or special, handmade gifts. Here are creative tips to come up with a gorgeous DIY vase at home. Check here for more information.

  1. Simply Colourful.

The straightforward DIY approach is spray-painting the entire vase in one colour. This gives you an excellent shade block appearance when you put a number of them together. Besides, when you choose a simple technique, you get a great fun with the vases themselves.

Feel free to look for different shapes and sizes. Glass jars give you perfect choice for this! Combine opaque matte hues with hints of metallic, such as silver and gold. Silver and crisp white complement each other well and the glimmer paints enhance a festive glitter for a holiday. Match the entire design with reds and greens for sophisticated new year décor.

  1. Excitingly Sophisticated.

The simple, inexpensive trick to achieving that luxury, refined appearance? Contact paper! Wrap the paper around a cylindrical vase, then use a craft knife and a robust multipurpose glue to cut and attach the paper material on the container.

If you want to exude that fancy flower bouquet feel, utilize marble contact paper material to wrap the vase. For a chic texture, hold pennies using the glue to the square vase or wrap copper wire or a burlap string around a circular container. For the holiday vibe, tie ribbons around the container. If you want any aid, you can consult from florist Vancouver to avoid any mistake that in this case can be detrimental.

  1. Wonderfully Creative.

Celebrate the freedom of your creativity! Go to your thrift shop or even your home store and collect a variety of white ceramic vases. Choose a cool theme, and paint the ceramics with different patterns.

Pick grids, stripes and geometric patterns for a more modern look. Alternatively, you can choose to blend the hues for an abstract look. You can also opt for paint drip methods for a sophisticated and fun finish. For a crispy touch, use painter’s tape, sponges or straight lines for a uniform and speckled finish.

This is also a great and fun undertaking you can involve your kids in! They will love and appreciate the transformation from the paper and little crayons to something sophisticated and fun.

When you are done with all the vase’s preparation, ensure you have prepared the flowers and blossom plants to fill the vases. Expert florist Vancouver handcrafts all these flower arrangements and is cared for by local Vancouver florist.

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