Wind energy is one of the most powerful alternative sources of energy. Most wind farms are installed in the sea since there are no wind barriers to take advantage of the high wind speeds. When the wind turbines rotate, they generate wind energy converted to electricity at the power distribution center. The best thing about wind energy is that it is renewable, clean, and efficient. It can never be depleted and does not produce harmful emissions into the air, unlike fossil fuels; therefore, it is eco-friendly.

However, installing wind turbines does not come cheap as it requires heavy machinery such as pile drivers, cranes, the wind turbines themselves, among others. The good thing is that the components that make windmills are accessible at industrial manufacturers such as Kor-Pak, allowing people to enjoy wind energy benefits. That said, here are crazy facts about wind energy, some of which you probably didn’t know.

Wind energy technology

Wind energy technology is spreading rapidly.

Wind energy technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. It presents a perfect opportunity to harness high energy amounts to meet the energy demands of highly populated coastal regions such as the United States coastal parts.

Windmills have been in use for thousands of years.

The fact is, windmills have been in use for thousands of years. The first originated in China and Persia as mariners used winds to sail to distant regions. In ancient times, farmers used wind power to grind grains and pump water. Today, it has evolved as people use windmills to generate energy that is converted to electricity.

Wind energy is still underutilized.

Many countries have still not initiated the right infrastructure to harness wind energy. Although we have seen an increase in wind energy use in the last decade, only a small number of the global population uses wind energy. It is a renewable source of energy so, many countries should focus on adopting the technology.

Wind turbines harness incredibly high amounts of energy.

The largest wind turbines can harness high amounts of energy than the average utility plants. For instance, a small turbine can comfortably power a home or a small business. Large wind turbines can power up to 600homes. A wind farm is a series of wind turbines in the same location, resulting in unmatched wind speeds; thus, more energy.

Wind energy is clean.

One of the reasons wind energy is growing is because it is clean. It does not produce poisonous emissions that pollute the environment, so it receives subsidies from the government. Technological advancements are making wind turbines cheaper than before, and it requires minimal operation costs after installation.

It is unique

Wind energy is unique in the way that it does not use water. While many power plants require water sources to harness electricity, wind energy is one of a kind. It does not rely on water sources, and it can save our water resources for future generations.

Wind farms can be installed in offshore areas.

Offshore locations have more robust and steadier winds. It is possible to install wind farms offshore; however, the installation costs and facilitation are costlier.

The tallest wind turbine is located in Hawaii.

It has blades the size of a football pitch and stands about 20stories tall.


The wind is an abundant source of energy as it is renewable. It is an excellent alternative to environmentally harmful sources of energy as it is eco-friendly and efficient.

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