5 Important Questions to Ask Your Self Storage Facility Operator


There are often situations where you find yourself needing extra space that may not be available in the house, or you may wish to store personal items in a safe and secure space. For instance, when you relocate to a new state or city, you will require a self- storage space to keep most of your items while you move. Even travelling for a long vacation, storing family memorabilia, or stock for businesses and organisations requires the need for self-storage space. Therefore, owning a storage unit has a multitude of benefits, and most individuals own a storage unit in their name.


While choosing a storage unit of your own, it is important to keep a few questions for the storage operator in mind, so that you know that your things will be safe and secure for a long period of time with no hassle. One of the most important questions to ask is about the security of the storage facility.

Make sure to inspect the storage facility, and see whether each unit has an individual door alarm, and computer accessed control gates. Personal reviews from friends and family members can be useful, especially if they’ve used the same facility before. Ensure that the area is properly fenced and that each storage unit is properly secured.
The next thing to look into is the amount of space you get with each unit. Most storage facilities will tend to have multiple units of different sizes so that you can choose the best storage unit for your requirements.

Another question to ask is whether any moving and/or packing facility is provided for as well. This is because it becomes difficult to pack and move goods from one place to another, especially if you’re transporting large, heavy items like furniture. Therefore, it is important that you choose a storage facility that provides packing and moving services as well, to ensure that you remain stress-free.
One more thing to look into is the insurance of the storage facility. It is important that you ensure the items that you put into the storage facility because no storage facility will provide claim if the goods get damaged. For example, if a natural disaster occurs, the storage facility will not provide compensation for the damaged goods. Therefore, it is important that you ensure the items in the storage facility, and look for a storage unit that provides insurance facilities.
The last thing to look into is the price of the storage unit. When asking for a price range, make sure that there are no hidden charges, and all sub-charges are written in detail before you sign the contract. Hidden charges can get added up every month, resulting in a much higher price than what you were told, which can become inconvenient for everyone involved.

Storage for Your Life is a storage facility that provides excellent customer service, secure and safe storage units, and insurance policies so that your goods always remain secure. By providing a sense of accountability, the staff at Storage for Your Life will deliver on promises and requests, which means that the staff work with professionalism and dignity, and treat the customers with honesty and trust so that a unique bond is built between the staff member and the customer. This ensures that the staff is responsible for the goods being placed under their care.

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