5 Devotional TV Shows You Can Stream On ZEE5 Global 1

5 Devotional TV Shows You Can Stream On ZEE5 Global

5 Devotional TV Shows You Can Stream On ZEE5 Global 2

Television shows that tell the tales of characters integral to our rich mythology give us a chance to visit those epic tales more tactilely. These shows also occasionally help us learn and reflect on the parables that are actual parts of the text they are adapting. In addition, thanks to the advancements made on the visual effects side of things, these tales have never been more engaging or immersive, irrespective of the kind of screen you are watching them on. Not to mention that these shows are occasionally peppered with moments of tasteful humor and fun. But, the list of virtues of devotional TV shows does not end here. Since they are clean family entertainers, several generations can watch and enjoy them together.

If you want to explore some of the gems of the devotional TV show library of India, this article is for you. Here, you will find five divine TV shows you can stream on ZEE5 Global. Read on to know more.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna (2017-2020)

As the name suggests, this TV show is based on the life of Lord Shri Krishna, one of the most intelligent, charismatic, and mischievous deities that are a part of Indian mythological lore. The show explores the lord’s life, from his childhood to his adult life, as well as that of the deities that are a part of his immediate circle. This series also explores some well-known stories from the ancient texts the show has been adapted from.

Santoshi Maa (2015-2017)

The second addition to the list of holy TV shows you can stream on ZEE5 Global is centered around the lore and teachings of Santoshi Maa, a prominent figure in Indian mythology. The series starts as a story about a devout Santoshi Maa devotee, also named Santoshi, who believes she can overcome every obstacle that life throws her way, primarily due to her undying devotion to Santoshi Maa. From there on, the story keeps toggling between events transpiring in Santoshi’s life and scenes from the heavenly realm, where the life of the actual Santoshi Maa is unfolding.

Ramayan – Jeevan Ka Aadhaar (2012)

Here is a show that needs no introduction whatsoever. This popular 2012 show explores the life of Lord Ram, a deity and king who is a legend for his virtuous and idealistic approach to things and all of the major events that transpired in his life. Keeping that in mind, we know what to expect from the plot, but it is the execution and the sheer novelty that makes it worthy of being added to your list of must-watch devotional TV shows.

Jai Malhar (2014-2017)

This epic devotional TV show is essentially a Marathi divine based on the life of Lord Khandoba, who was believed to be a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This show traces all the tales and legends associated with the deity. It is also one of the highest-rated devotional TV shows of all time on IMDb, where it sits comfortably on an impressive score of 8.8/10, making it a necessary addition to your list of devotional TV shows.

Sarvam Shakti Mayam (2023)

This particular show takes a more contemporary approach while telling its story, which essentially centers around the power of devotion and faith in a higher power. The saga of Sarvam Shakti Mayam is told through the lens of a businessman with a dull life, a dysfunctional family, and an atheist writer. We would tell you more about the show, but it would be a major spoiler. It’s best if you experience the show on ZEE5 Global itself.

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