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Top Destination to Visit in Australia

In such a diverse and massive country with a wide array of unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes, extraordinary beaches, top hotels and villas in Australia, and laid-back cities, it’s impossible to see everything in just one trip to Australia. Still, by visiting at least some of these great places, you’ll experience some of Australia’s best offers.


The once sleepy backwater, now a thriving city, Perth, has completely transformed since the Western Australian mining boom. It is now a fascinating and fun site for locals and tourists alike. You can visit Elizabeth Quay, walk along the Swan River while spotting dolphins, or check out some of its great restaurants or bars at Annalakshmi. It is also beautiful at night, as the bridge is illuminated. A few steps from Elizabeth Quay is the Matilda Bay Reserve, its iconic blue boathouse, and the University of Western Australia campus’s fascinating architecture. You can also visit Winthrop Hall, where you may even see a bride and groom strolling around the area, as this is a popular spot for pre-nuptial shooting.

The coastline in Perth is considered to be one of Australia’s best. The WA coastline is the longest in Australia, spanning 12,000km. Another must-visit coastline is the West Coast, where you spend a day for beachside fish and chips. Hillary’s Boat Harbour and Mindarie Marina are not easy to reach by public transport but are also a must-visit. In Marina, you can find a great Mediterranean-style boardwalk; the Boat Harbour boasts a Perth aquarium, and both have some of the best restaurants in town.

Further south, you will experience Fremantle’s beautiful heritage buildings, bars, restaurants, buzzing markets, and café culture. Perth tis the top destination for all tourists and visitors alike. If you still have time, you can trip out of Perth and visit the nearby Rottnest Island, famous for a marsupial found nowhere else, known as the quokka. It is worth an overnight stay on this island as they are more visible and active at night.

Uluru/Ayer’s Rock

Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock, is a massive sandstone in the Northern Territory. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is highly sacred in the local indigenous culture. When visiting this heritage site, don’t forget to bring your camera, as the rock changes its colors at different times of day, making it a breathtaking backdrop for photographs of your Australian travel. The surrounding area of the rock is also fascinating. The walking tour led by some area locals will surely leave you well-informed about their indigenous cuisine, interesting stories, flora and fauna, and many more. There is also some archaeological evidence of 10,000 years of human habitation around the area. Its native wildlife is very diverse, where you can get a chance to encounter marsupials and other Australian mammals.

Kakadu National Park

Another highlight of the Northern part of Australia is Kakadu. It covers an area of almost 20,000 square km. This largest national park in Australia is the size of Slovenia or half the size of Switzerland. Kakadu is also listed as one of Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. The views are just outstanding, and the biodiversity is exceptional. If archeology interests you, Kakadu should be on top of your Australian adventure, where the local indigenous population has inhabited the area for at least 40,000 years. Up to this date, more than 500 Aboriginal Australians live in the area and maintain much of their customs and culture; some also own the land where they live. The scenery is diverse, from cliffs and gorges to billabongs and waterfalls. The flora is exceptional also. You may also encounter many native mammals, such as dingos and dugongs. It is surely worth spending a week here, as the park’s size is enormous, and there are tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss.


A buzzing metropolis famous for its outstanding café culture, Melbourne’s coffee has been voted the best in the world, beating out Vienna and Rome. But it’s nt just thet the culture that makes Melbourne the top tourist destination in Australia but; also the cultural culture scene, great nightlife, the best in the ing options, and shopping. To taste what Melbourne offers, some of the top destinations to visit are Fitzrtown and Richmond Road. Far more than just a casino, the Crown Casino complex is also worth a visit, as it offers an outstanding option of up-market shopping, a top-class dining experience, exciting nightlife, and delicious attractions. For an exceptional city view, visit Eureka Skydeck, enjoy the many laneways and arcades, and appreciate its unique atmosphere.

Great Ocean Road

Starting at the township of Torquay, which is famous for its extraordinary surf beaches, including the world-famous Bells Beach, Great Ocean Road, an Australian Heritage-listed boasts beautiful coastal and mountain views, long stretches of white sand beaches, and a collection of small Australian towns that are amazing in their own right, and the very popular Twelve Apostles. You can also stop in some cities on your way, and you should never miss exploring the Great Otway National Park or maybe even try the zip line.

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