5 Reasons to Buy a Scooter Over a Motorcycle 1

5 Reasons to Buy a Scooter Over a Motorcycle

Buying a two-wheeler requires a bit of research. You need to know your requirements so that you can choose the best one for your traveling needs. One important consideration at such a time is whether you should opt for a lighter and easier-to-ride scooter or a more dynamic motorcycle. If you opt for a two-wheeler loan, it becomes even more important not to be saddled with a vehicle you are not comfortable with.


Motorcycles have their charm even though their learning curve is steeper. However, scooters provide unparalleled convenience. Keeping their individual appeals aside, the benefits of using your bike loan to buy a scooter rather than a motorcycle could make it the perfect choice for you.

Why are Scooters Better Than Motorcycles?

Scooters do away with the manual transmission—a prominent feature of motorcycles—and hence have many benefits.

  • Easier to Learn

Since scooters don’t have gears, there are fewer inputs to learn about while riding. This makes it easier to get on the seat and start riding straight away. You can start with lower displacement scooters and then work your way up to more powerful ones once you are comfortable riding on two wheels. When you opt for a two-wheeler loan, you want to be able to start using your vehicle as soon as possible, and a scooter allows that to happen more easily.

  • Easier to Ride

The absence of manual transmission also benefits, making a scooter much easier to ride than motorcycles. There is no possibility of stalling the engine while starting, and you don’t have to deal with the pressure of being in the right gear in traffic. You can rev the engine to go and use the brakes when you need to stop. Having both controls in your hands is much more convenient than having both hands and feet engaged the way they are when riding a motorcycle.

  • Better Storage

Most scooters come with a large storage area under the seat. This can be used to store a helmet, the ownership documents, or even some other important items. The area near the feet also has space to keep a small bag, making a scooter the vehicle of choice.

  • Lower Maintenance

Scooters have fewer moving parts since they don’t utilize a clutch and gears. This makes scooters easier and cheaper to maintain. The lower maintenance cost can be a big advantage when you are already paying off an EMI on a bike loan.

  • Cheaper to Refuel

The insurance costs for scooters are lower than motorcycles, and the fuel efficiency is generally higher. This reduces the overall riding cost of scooters as compared to a motorcycle with similar horsepower. If you combine this monetary benefit with attractive two-wheeler loan interest rates, then a family scooter could very well be within your reach.

Picking a two-wheeler that works for you

Financing a two-wheeler has become easier than ever, given the extensive support banks and financial institutions provide through bike loans. However, it would help if you still determined which vehicle best suits your requirements. Make sure to check a reliable two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to make a more informed choice keeping your budget in mind.

The commute-friendly nature of a scooter gives it an edge over motorcycles for daily short-distance rides. It is still necessary, though, to conduct thorough research before making a final decision.

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