Cannot Block Blue 1

Cannot Block Blue

Meaning of blue

Blue is a strong representation of the sky as well as the sea. It is usually connected to open concepts and spaces, liberty, perception, ingenuity, creativity, generosity, motivation, and compassion. Likewise, blue signifies wisdom, faith, faithfulness, genuineness, poise, firmness, and intelligence. Strange enough, blue sends positive vibrations toward the mind and body. Blue encourages an atmosphere of rest and can cause the body to produce calm and feelings of serenity and peace. Blue aids in slowing down human metabolism. It is a cool and refreshing color and helps with stability and assertiveness. Even though blue is usually associated with serenity and peace, not all blues are associated with tranquility. Harsh or bright blues become too vigorous and overly dramatic. It becomes excessively engaging as a color that expresses too much excitement. On the flip side, when too much blue is used, or different variations of blue are used, it may sometimes give the ambiance of coldness and indifference.


Meaning within different cultures

Blue can be perceived as a rich and persistent color or delicate, light, and friendly. It is usually used to represent godliness and genuineness in certain circumstances. Blue is also significant in many cultures and important to certain religious beliefs. Blue either brings harmony or is believed to ward off bad spirits.

Blue is frequently linked with melancholy or depression within Western society, “feeling the blues.” It is also considered to be very calming and soothing. Though blue is perceived as a male color in Western cultures, it is perceived as feminine in China. Blue signifies safety and protection within multiple Middle Eastern countries, symbolizing heaven due to the blue skies.

Ideas people have about the color blue.

Blue comes in different shades. Some people may appreciate the color blue and decide to go as far as to paint the walls in their bedrooms or living rooms this color, but others have no appreciation for it. Everyone has their preferences and their desires, which must all be respected. Blue blockers must sometimes be warned to see clearly in an open space due to the blue light. Though it is a beautiful site, it can sometimes become blinding; therefore, we must protect our eyes.

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