Buy Premium Property in Delhi in Chittaranjan Park

For the Being Mad   Bengalis staying in Delhi for decades, their address has always been Chittaranjan Park- one of the prime and most culturally advanced localities in Delhi- thanks to the presence of Bengalis. This region has initially been developed to house those displaced from East Bengal after the Partition and later came to be named after Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. Today it boasts of a large and unique Bengali settlement, and visitors from Kolkata feel at home, with region being dotted by innumerable Bengali restaurants, street stalls, shops, temples and even some Kolkata styled homes. Those looking for even a 2 bhk flat for sale in Chittaranjan Park will stand much to gain by having a property in this locality.

As far as accessibility is concerned, since Chittaranjan Park is located at a major juncture in the heart of the city, the Indira Gandhi airport’s domestic terminal is 17 kms away from the region and the international terminal is about 23 kms away. The Violet Line of the Delhi metro is just a mere kilometer away from the B- Block of Chittaranjan Park from where one can travel to almost any corner of the city in less than half an hour. The Kali Bari here serves as a major cultural hub and the Durga Puja celebrated here is known throughout the country. The New Delhi Railway station is about 16 kms away and the nearest station, the Hazrat Mohammad Railway Station is a mere 9 kms away. Innumerable buses of both DTC and private buses traverse the various blocks and points and those looking forward to buying a 2 bhk flat for sale in Chittaranjan Park will have no problem commuting, once they have shifted here.

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The local amenities found in the region boasts of a Kolkata style fish market and every item of daily necessity is to be found within easy reach in the Gole Market. Hospitals, banks and ATMs, schools and colleges of repute dot the lines of the various blocks and because of which, C.R. Park, as it is popularly known, has become one of the most self contained localities in Delhi over time, establishing a distinct characteristic of its own. Moreover, it is also considered one of the safest parts of the city because of the congeniality of the residents here. Property prices here are hence, a bit on the steeper side. A 3 bhk flat for sale in Chittaranjan Park can cost around Rs. 2.5 crores if it is situated in the prime location. An independent builder floor can cost around Rs. 4 crores for a 1500 sq ft area. For bigger properties like villas, the prices are about Rs 40,000 per sq yard and a 5 BHK villa can cost about Rs. 7 crores or more.

Buying a luxury flat in Delhi is hence a matter of great pride and one can lead a most comfortable life here for sure.