2018 Tech Must-Haves for Workout Enthusiasts and Globe-Trotters 1

2018 Tech Must-Haves for Workout Enthusiasts and Globe-Trotters

What kind of life do you lead? Are you into physical activity, working out to carve your body into the image of Adonis or Athena? Or perhaps you actively travel like Hermes, taking in new sights, experiencing foreign cultures, and appreciating different worldviews?

Either is fulfilling by itself, but together, both can grant you enough happiness to last a lifetime.

Yet, life is short and limited. Young people have careers to work on, the elders have families to watch over, and those in between may experience midlife crises before, during, and after reaching half their lives.

Thank the universe, then, for technology. In this age, devices exist that make it convenient to chase after your dreams while maintaining the status quo at home or at work.

Many of those gadgets are must-haves. Here are some of the latest examples of tech essentials for workout enthusiasts and globetrotters.

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

Domestic animals live brief lives, unlike humans, whose life span averages a century. In animals’ eyes, humans are like elves, sage-like and near immortal.

One activity common with pet owners is to take their dogs for a walk. Some smart individuals sneak in some exercise to that routine by jogging instead of walking, their furry companions happily (or reluctantly) tagging along. Others smarter still use reflective dog leashes, especially if they’re doing it in the morning or at night when light is scarce.

Why do you need one? So that commuters and motorists can see you and your dog from a distance and avoid bumping or hitting either of you. In other words, safety.

Besides, should your dog somehow get loose, spot a cat, and rocket off on its own, you can easily keep track of it from the glow of its LED leashes.

TYLT Energi Backpack

Since you’re a citizen of the information age, you probably have a smartphone or use computers. How else are you reading this article? Via a friend narrating it to you? (Well, that works too.)

You should know how inconvenient it is to lose power, especially when you’re away from home, far, far away, and have no way of recharging your mobile or portable device. How will you then stay in touch with your friends and family?

By common sense, you must also know that travelers need a bag to carry everything vital for their continued sojourn and survival. Now, what if there were a backpack that can store auxiliary energy for your devices and charge them at a later time? Well, that’s exactly what an Energi backpack can do.

With one, you don’t need to buy a separate power bank, which will also fill up precious space in your pack. You can save money that way, too.

With an Energi backpack, you can keep yourself on the grid no matter where your feet take you.

Anker Nebula Capsule

When hitting the gym (or doing bodyweight training in the park), you always want to maintain a proper form specific to each exercise. Otherwise, you won’t gain as much muscle, or worse, you can even permanently injure yourself.

For example, when doing deadlifts, an exercise for strengthening your lower back, you must keep your spine in a neutral position throughout your lifting motion and every repetition. However, it may be hard to remember every exercise form during your workout routine, particularly when you’re getting exhausted.

Even gym buffs can forget the right stance for a new exercise they’re trying out. In that situation, they usually look up the move again using their phone, often referring to a few video tutorials to make sure they learn the correct form.

You can do that, too. But watching a video on your phone can be inconvenient, so use a mini projector instead. Anker’s latest Nebula Capsule is a great choice.

You’ll need only a flat, light-colored wall to project your video on, and you can follow your video tutorials as you work out.

Mini projectors are also useful when traveling. With your phone and your Nebula Capsule, you can video call your loved ones back home, so you don’t need to take a bulky laptop with you.


Now you know some of the latest tools that make it easier for you to work out or travel. You have fewer excuses to avoid doing either or both.

Life is short. You can spend your days working for someone else’s dream or achieving your own goals and desires.

So, what kind of life do you lead?

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