10 Muslim Style Bloggers That Will Give You Major Beauty Goals 1

10 Muslim Style Bloggers That Will Give You Major Beauty Goals

Muslim girls who wear their hijabs, additionally called “hijabis,” have long been playing the style scene, proving what we knew time and time again: Girls run the sector. Muslim women are a big part of the fashion market, and brands are finally beginning to understand that — as a result, H&M hired a Muslim version of Mariah Idrissi for its 2016 marketing campaign, and Halima Aden strolled in Kanye West’s Yeezy display. Manufacturers like Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, and Dolce & Gabbana have also created Muslim collections.

The nail polish logo, Orly, also created a whole halal nail polish line for Muslim women who can’t usually put on ordinary nail polish due to their ablution water practices and impermissible elements with the aid of Islam. In short, Muslim ladies have continually been killing the fashion sport. Here are among the most stylish girls on social media who will observe and take style cues from the route.


1. Sobia Masood

Sobia Masood is a Fashion Institute of Technology scholar playing in this steel pleated midi skirt from H&M. The first step is locating the exceptional MacBook provided from the net. It is not simply the MacBook that comes free of price; many greater gadgets can be had online, free of fee. At present, there are two promotions for the MacBook. The first advertising is for simple but adorable silver seasoned. The second provision is for the superior, black MacBook Air.


2. Maria Alia

Maria Alia has a casual yet edgy road fashion that in no way appears to disappoint. Her pass-to declaration piece constantly seems to be outerwear, evidenced by this purple bomber with bold ribbons at the palms. Treat yourself to extra of her aesthetic by falling down the rabbit hollow in her self-titled weblog that follows her avenue fashion shoots in New York’s Soho area.

3. Safety Goodson

Safety is a Dubai-based, totally blogger aware of effortlessly killing a graceful, minimalist look. Her styles are constantly very versatile and varied from denim-on-denim to monochromatic units.

4. Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio is a makeup artist, clothier, and one of the most popular Instagram fashion influencers with over one million followers. She’s an expert at blending prints and playing with silhouettes and has an enviable minimalist shoe game. As you can see through the video, running a monochromatic look is certainly one of her styling strengths.

5. Basma K

Basma founded the Basma K Collection, an internet hijab/scarf boutique. Her use of prints and formidable colors makes her style stand out.

6. Sagal Ibrahim Shire

Sagal does prints wonderfully, but my preferred appearance appears while she steps out in an all-neutral ensemble. With flowy fabrics and simplistic colors, her clothing usually seems top-notch.

Catch all of her children’s bump fashion into on her weblog.

7. Yasmine Simone

Simone is a makeup artist from the DMV, so she will easily serve up plenty of beauty and road fashion tips.

8. Hassanah El-Yacoubi

Hassanah El-Yacoubi is a clothier and public speaker whose private fashion is understated; however, he teeters on vintage Hollywood-esque glamor. Her pearl-adorned pants are the whole thing, and sure, she did turn seashore wedges into remarkable excessive fashion with this outfit. El-Yacoubi owns a web boutique, Perfect For Her (PFH), which sells garb and styling offerings to Muslim women.

9. Sabina Hannan

As a makeup artist with a perfectly painted face, she usually provides excellent clothing. Her regular move to fashion is lengthy, flowing portions in neutral tones with pointed, closed-toe heels peeking from the bottom and a statement move frame bag. Visit her Instagram for fashion proposals and her YouTube channel for makeup tutorials.

10. Fatima

Fatima gears up to wear fashion with such a cool, laid-again demeanor. She just officially released her style YouTube Channel in April. However, how she places the appears together, you’d swear she’s been doing this all the time. I hope you took notes! This is the peak style of desire right here, human beings.

5 Male style bloggers to appearance out for

From beard tutorials to the ultra-modern fashion for Eid, we test a new generation of Muslim fashion bloggers.

Moshie Mughal (pictured above)

With heaps of YouTubers out there, it could be hard to face out. Moshie Mughal has created a niche for himself by sharing Sunnah beard tutorials. The motion pictures are tremendously thorough. Who knew a beard could get so knotty? He is going through how to fluff out the beard earlier than trimming it and using mustache wax and oil for the beard. Moshie is refreshingly amiable and stocks a few profitable hints.

Alii Muhammad

Alii Muhammad is a Dubai-based total blogger. His Instagram posts are extra salubrious—nicely, we wouldn’t count on something less from a fashion blogger in Dubai. His artistic photos are clever and full of luxury brands and deficit-inducing vehicles. His Instagram account @aliimuhd is an incredible fashion notion—it simply offers excessive avenue alternatives in case you’re in a price range.

Jamel Shia

This French Muslim fashion blogger is the epitome of cool. You can find him on Instagram as @Yodayia. His smooth, crisp style is equally current and modest. He has a penchant for impartial colors that are aesthetically alluring. This shoe aficionado fashions a few incredible looks for the summer season. If it belongs on your feet, then you are more than likely to find it on his Instagram page. You can discover Jamel on Snapchat as @jsahia.

Islaam Yasin

Islaam Yasin’s Instagram web page is an earnest manifestation of his creative passion. He depicts minimalist tendencies yet oozes fashion. His style posts are amalgamated with beautiful scenes from his travels worldwide. Check out the website, www.Thecreatel.Com, where he can showcase his range of thoughts alongside five different designers, filmmakers, and visible artists.

Sushi Taha

This style blogger hails from Texas. His YouTube motion pictures include getting dressed for Eid, his eating regime during Ramadan, and his collaboration with Dina Tokio. Sushi shares interesting style guidelines, including going to excessive street shops to buy extra-large or outsized tops that may be used as a kameez. He even does a mini catwalk. With his fashion line, Sushi is virtually certified to percentage recommendation. His Instagram feed is also worth sorting out for fashion thoughts.

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